If Trump Wants His Racist Border Wall, He’ll Have to Start Taking Climate Change Seriously

Ha ha ha. Donald Trump’s impermeable wall ain’t so impermeable, after all. Not even these high walls of racist fury can withstand good ol’ Mother Nature: The Washington Post reported on Thursday that the U.S. president’s beloved border wall between the U.S. and Mexico would need to leave portions wide open every summer to prevent flash floods from knocking it over. Read More >>

14th-Century Steambath Discovered in Mexico City

Archaeologists in Mexico City have uncovered a pre-Hispanic steambath dating back to the 14th century. Its location in the city’s historic district confirms the whereabouts of a vibrant neighbourhood that once stood in Tenochtitlán – an ancient urban centre that eventually became Mexico City. Read More >>

A 15,000-Year-Old Trap for Catching Woolly Mammoths Has Been Discovered in Mexico

Archaeologists working at a site near Mexico City have unearthed a 15,000-year-old trap built by humans to capture mammoths, in what’s the first discovery of its kind. Read More >>

Scientists Find Evidence of 1,000-Year-Old Parrot-Breeding Operation in the American Southwest

DNA evidence appears to have revealed an ancient parrot-breeding operation in the southwestern United States, a new study reports. Read More >>

An Earthquake Damaged a Pyramid in Mexico – and Exposed an Aztec Temple Hidden Below

On September 19, 2017, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck central Mexico, killing nearly 370 people. But something good has come from this tragic event: The quake damaged an ancient pyramid, revealing a previously unknown Aztec temple underneath. Read More >>

How Water Tanks on a Mexican Volcano Will Solve the Universe’s Mysteries

Our guides suggested we rent a car with four-wheel-drive to navigate the treacherous dirt road on the Sierra Negra volcano in Mexico, which reaches 15,220 feet and is evidently the highest road in North America. We wished we’d heeded this advice as our car skidded down the mountain and into a ditch. But we made it to the top—a kind farmer named Benjamin tied up his horses and mule to help us push the car out—and the effort was worth it. Nestled into a flat point at 13,450 feet, just next to the country’s tallest mountain, we saw a telescope unlike any you’ve ever heard of. It’s just a few hundred vats of liquid water. Read More >>

Divers in Mexico Have Discovered the World’s Largest Flooded Cave

The Yucatan Peninsula is renowned for its extensive network of submerged tunnels and caves. Now, after searching for near two decades, divers with the Gran Acuífero Maya project have proven that two massive caverns are connected, making it the largest known flooded cave on Earth. Read More >>

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This Skatepark Looks Like It Was Designed by M.C. Escher

You’ll find posters of M.C. Escher’s sketches of impossible structures and buildings in almost every college dorm room. But there’s a good chance the artist also spent some time designing magnificently twisted skateparks in Mexico that just barely abide by the laws of our universe. Read More >>

It Might Actually Be Cheaper For Mexico To Buy Twitter Than Defend The Peso Against Trump

The central bank of Mexico has spent TWO BILLION DOLLARS trying to prop up the Peso from the onslaught of anti-Mexico rhetoric in president-elect Donald Trump's tweets, and some currency traders have had enough. Read More >>

Scary Video Shows Explosions Happening at a Fireworks Market in Mexico

22 people have died and at least 70 have been injured after an explosion occurred at the San Pablito fireworks market in Tultepec, Mexico, a city north of Mexico City. The blast is especially terrifying because the thick smoke plume covers the entire market while fireworks were still catching fire and going off in every direction. Nearby homes were also damaged in the explosions and the scene remains dangerous, according to National Civil Protection Coordinator Luis Felipe Puente. Read More >>

Here’s Another Reason Not to Support Trump’s Border Wall

There are a number of reasons why Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the US-Mexican border is ridiculous, primarily being that nobody wants to fund such a crazy expensive operation. However, scientists have presented another reason why the border wall plan would be terrible, and it’s not just for the people who may or may not have to pay for it if Trump gets elected. Read More >>

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Drought Brought a Submerged 16th Century Mexican Temple to the Surface Again

The ruins of the Temple of Santiago are not an easy destination to visit, or even have a look at. The walls of the once sacred building are usually hiding under water, but now drought lowered the river the temple has been hiding in, revealing a rather awesome sight. Read More >>

Uber Cars Attacked by Furious Mob in Taxi-Driver Protest

I don’t like Uber. It’s a company that overcharges people and eschews accountability as often as possible. However, seeing an angry mob of cabbies descend upon and destroy a number of Uber cars in Mexico City actually made me feel bad for the company's drivers. Read More >>