Man Gets Jail Time for Trying to Hack a Prison and Release His Friend

A Michigan man will spend the next seven years and three months behind bars as punishment for attempting to hack a county jail’s computer system and altering prison records to get his friend released early. Read More >>

Welcome to Mcity: The Fake Town Built for Testing Driverless Cars

It’s been a tough road for driverless cars: we have recently learned, for example, that all of the crashes involving Google’s test-phase autonomous vehicles have been caused by humans. Which is one of the reasons experts have just opened up a testing centre that’s trying to recreate the chaos of the human-built street in a controlled environment. Read More >>

Hell Hath Frozen Over. Literally.

We shit you not. With the US still in the grip of a so called "polar vortex", temperatures  in the small town of Hell in Michigan have plunged to 17 below. Citizens of Hell -- if ever you wanted to get a memorable selfie with your pitchforks and devil costumes by the town sign, now is the time. Just avoid getting frostbite. [BBC] Read More >>