Puppy-Killing Microchip Law Should be Ignored, According to Senior Vet

The new microchipping law for dogs, which is set to come into effect on April 6th, could lead to potentially-fatal health problems, according to senior vet Richard Allport. From Wednesday, all dogs over the age of eight weeks will be required to wear a chip containing their owners’ names and addresses, but Allport says that many will be far too young for the procedure. Read More >>

This Tiny, Inexpensive Microchip Can Diagnose Diabetes Instantaneously

Stanford researchers recently published work on a small microchip they've developed that scans for diabetes in a fraction of the time of current tests. Additionally, their test is reusable for upwards of 15 patients, can be performed on site, and is more accurate in differentiating the biomarkers that distinguish type 1 and type 2 diabetes. In other words, it's a major milestone in diabetes research. Read More >>