Huge Advancement in MRI Tech Captures Teeny Molecules With Incredible Resolution

The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines in hospitals are great at creating pictures of the human body. For decades, scientists have hoped that the same technology could be used to examine much smaller things, like individual molecules. Now, a team from Canada and the United States has revealed a new, high-resolution MRI method with resolutions down to two nanometres, the width of a DNA strand. Read More >>

The Hidden Beauty of Landscape Photography at the Microscopic Level

Instead of a majestic national park, or the crowded streets of a busy urban centre, filmmaker Drew Geraci pointed his 4K camera at a microscope with everyday foods and objects magnified up to 1,000X. The results are a series of atypical landscape shots you could never see with the naked human eye. Read More >>

You Won’t Be Able to See Or Hear This 36-Hour Nano-Scale Endurance Race

One month from today, a record-setting race will be held in Toulouse, France. Teams from around the world will race nano-scale vehicles built from less than 100 individual atoms, at blistering speeds of up to five nanometers per hour. To put that in perspective, it would take these microscopic cars almost 37 million years to drive a single mile. Read More >>

A New Technique Captures Stunning Timelapse Footage of the Smallest Living Things

Microscopes let us observe some of the smallest objects in our universe, but with limitations when it comes to movements that can take hours, days, even weeks to play out. So a team of Austrian scientists developed new software that allows microscopes to not only track a slowly-moving object, but also capture incredible timelapse footage, speeding up the action. Read More >>

Microscopic Crystals Forming Look Like a Forest Growing Impossibly Fast

The world seems like it’s only full of ugly and terrible things right now, but find a microscope and you’ll discover there’s still beauty to be found. These microscopic crystals, invisible to the naked eye, look like forests full of towering trees spouting up from nothing when magnified hundreds of times. Read More >>

These Are the First Colour Images Ever Produced By an Electron Microscope

Electron microscopes are renowned for their ability to peer down into the hidden world of the very small. Trouble is, these tools only produce images in black and white. A new technique that took 15 years to develop finally overcomes this optical limitation, producing the first ever multicolour electron microscope images. Read More >>

Our Best View Yet of Molecules Moving Inside Living Cells

A new microscope developed by the Marine Biological Laboratory in Chicago is allowing scientists track the position and orientation of individual molecules in living cells. It has the potential to reveal unknown aspects of molecular behaviour, including those that turn cells into agents of disease. Read More >>

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This Never Before Seen Microscopic Deep Sea Footage Is Other Worldly

A brand new underwater microscope just took an unprecedentedly-close look at the deep seafloor. You can see the footage it took, including a microscopic coral cage-match, right here. Read More >>

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These Breathtaking Stop-Motion Videos Peek Into The Microscopic World

Every year, Nikon hosts a Small World Photomicrography competition, bringing together the neatest (and smallest) images from microscope slides across the world. The 2014 winners are in, and the results are as wonderful — and creepy — as ever. Read More >>

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GE’s “Point and Shoot” Microscope Snaps Spectacular Cellular Shots

The microscopic worlds contained within a droplet of water are just as fascinating—and just as inaccessible to humans—as the farthest reaches of space. But the universe of the very small is now a little closer thanks to a highly-automated, cell counting microscope-camera hybrid from GE. Read More >>

Genius Microscope Made From Folded Paper Could Help Fight Malaria

The light microscope changed science and medicine forever, but in the 400-plus years since it was invented, this crucial piece of equipment has become rather expensive and fragile. Manu Prakash and his team have designed a brilliant solution—an origami microscope that costs less than 30 pence to make. Read More >>

How the Microscope Transformed Science Forever

The microscope is a staple of the scientific community, allowing researchers to study what's too small to be seen by the naked eye. But how exactly did it rise to such notoriety? Read More >>

This Smartphone-Powered Microscope Now Even Works Underwater

Sometimes, you never knew you wanted something until someone drops it in your lap. That's exactly what Bodelin Technologies has done with their smartphone-powered ProScope Micro Mobile microscope. This genius little thing now works underwater. Read More >>

16 Incredible Animals and Landscapes You Can Only See With a Microscope

The electron microscope is a fascinating scientific device—it uses an electron beam to illuminate a specimen, magnifying it up to 10 million times. With it, scientists can look deep into the substance of the world that surrounds us—and find another world, very similar to ours. Read More >>