Microscopic Crystals Forming Look Like a Forest Growing Impossibly Fast

The world seems like it’s only full of ugly and terrible things right now, but find a microscope and you’ll discover there’s still beauty to be found. These microscopic crystals, invisible to the naked eye, look like forests full of towering trees spouting up from nothing when magnified hundreds of times. Read More >>

Under a Powerful Microscope Chocolate Looks Like a Delicious Alien World

The only thing cooler than a being an astronaut who gets to explore nearby worlds would be one day landing on a planet completely made of delicious chocolate. Read More >>

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This Inkjet-Printed Picture is the Size of a Retina Display Pixel

Not even squinting will help you see this image without the help of a microscope. This is the smallest inkjet-printed colour image ever produced, and it’s the same size as a single pixel on a Retina display. Read More >>

The World’s Smallest Comic Strip is Etched on a Single Strand of Hair

Even a perfectly smooth human hair looks like a scaly, alien creature under a microscope. Zoom in on this particular hair, though, and you'll find something even stranger: a teeny, tiny comic strip called "Juanita Knits the Planet." Read More >>

Scientist Can Wrangle Microscopic Particles Using Gentle Tornadoes of Sound

Getting microscopic objects into formation is a tricky proposition. They don't make tweezers small enough. Fortunately there's an alternative: sweeping them up in a sonic vortex. Read More >>