How Astonishing Zika Virus Images Were Made With a Nobel-Prize Winning Technique

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These Are the First Colour Images Ever Produced By an Electron Microscope

Electron microscopes are renowned for their ability to peer down into the hidden world of the very small. Trouble is, these tools only produce images in black and white. A new technique that took 15 years to develop finally overcomes this optical limitation, producing the first ever multicolour electron microscope images. Read More >>

Our Best View Yet of Molecules Moving Inside Living Cells

A new microscope developed by the Marine Biological Laboratory in Chicago is allowing scientists track the position and orientation of individual molecules in living cells. It has the potential to reveal unknown aspects of molecular behaviour, including those that turn cells into agents of disease. Read More >>

How a Flu Virus Invades a Cell

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The Best Biomedical Images of the Year Reveal the True Beauty of Biology

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This Pen-Sized Microscope Could Spot Cancer More Quickly

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New Imaging Technique Shows How Complex Molecules Buck and Twist

It’s becoming gradually easier to see what molecules look like up close, but seeing how their shape changes in real-time is still incredibly hard. Now, a new technique allows scientists to see how molecules change their shape over the course just trillionths of a second. Read More >>

This Microscope Creates Near-Real-Time Nanoscale Videos of Chemical Reactions

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The Best Microscopic Images of 2015

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