If You Own a Microsoft Band and Were Still Using It Until 1 March, You Might Be Owed a Refund

Microsoft’s Band smartwatch and fitness tracker—production of which was mercifully discontinued in 2016—has finally reached the end of its lifespan. The Verge reported that Microsoft has announced its intention to sever all remaining support for the Band on 31 May 2019, with both backend services and the apps being yanked from Microsoft Store, Google Play, and the Apple App Store. Read More >>

Microsoft Just Killed Its Awful Fitness Tracker

It lived a short, pathetic, inconspicuous life, and now it’s probably going away forever. Microsoft has pulled listings of its fitness tracker—the Band 2—from its online store. In a statement given to ZDNet, the company says it has sold existing inventory of the Band 2, and it has no plans to release a new version of the fitness tracker. Here’s the full statement: Read More >>

The New Microsoft Band Gets Smarter Guts and a Curved Display

Last year, Microsoft dived straight into the wearables market with an ambitious device that unfortunately didn’t live up to its promise. Here’s round 2, the new Microsoft Band. Read More >>

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Windows 10 Hardware Event Rumour Roundup: This is Microsoft’s Next Generation

Think of all the hardware Microsoft makes that’s not a peripheral. What you’re thinking is probably getting some kind of update announced today. That includes the wonderful Surface Pro laptop/tablet, but also the Microsoft Band and two new Lumias (finally). And maybe even a surprise or two, just to keep us guessing. Read More >>

Microsoft’s New Band Looks Much More Wearable

Microsoft’s super huge, October 6th hardware event is quickly approaching, and while Windows enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting new Lumia smartphones and an upgrade to the apparently successful Surface Pro lineup, Microsoft’s black sheep, the Band, could bring with it a few surprises of its own. Read More >>

The Microsoft Band Could Get Way More Interesting With DIY Web Apps

Soon, the Apple Watch will wirelessly monitor your glucose level. But you know what? The Microsoft Band can do that too. This is just one of many apps that could come to the beleaguered Band — thanks to a new ability to turn web data into live tiles for the wearable. Read More >>

Microsoft Band Makes Dash for UK, the ‘Leading Edge of the Wearables Market’, on April 15

Microsoft launches its Band fitness tracker in the UK on April 15, with pre-orders starting today for the £170 wearable, making ol' Blighty the second country that the Windows maker has turned its new fitness fascination to. And posh gym purveyor Nuffield Health will be the local hook-up for all its custom workout needs. Read More >>

The HTC Fitness Band is Real (But it Might Not Come to the UK)

When HTC announced at CES at the start of the year that it would be partnering with Under Armor, it seemed only a matter of time before some sort of fitness/wearable offspring was born. And while it’s not quite the smartwatch many had expected, HTC has confirmed the pair have put together the HTC Fitness Band. Read More >>

Microsoft Band Review: Tracks Your Every Move, Then Breaks Your Heart

When I first strapped on the Microsoft Band a week ago, I felt like I'd been given new power over myself. The company's first wrist-worn activity tracker packs 10 sensors into a discreet package, and I hoped the powerful specs added up to potential. I thought, this gadget might really get to know me, and inch me towards a better version of myself. Which is why it's disappointing that the Band doesn't meet that goal. Read More >>

Microsoft Band Hands On: An Activity Tracker That’s Actually Smart

The new Microsoft Band is probably the most ambitious activity tracker I've ever seen: It jams 10 sensors into one slim unit. But after strapping it on for the first time, I really feel that it's more than just another handsome little metrics bracelet; it's actually got the brains to tell me what to do with them. Read More >>