Microsoft Kinect Refuses to Die

Kinect was never for you. Yeah, you with the Xbox One that was bundled with a Kinect. That big honking spatial camera was an impressive piece of tech, but it never did you much good as a console add-on did it? Read More >>

Microsoft’s New Plan to Colonise Your Phone With Windows

Last year, Microsoft assured us that the death of the Windows phone didn’t mean the death of Windows on your phone. Today, the company teased a future where Android users will have the same cool phone-to-PC experience iOS users with a Mac currently enjoy. The Windows phone may be dead, but Windows really might be coming to whatever phone you’re holding right now. Read More >>

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These Five GIFs are Your Best Glimpse Yet at Microsoft’s HoloLens

Microsoft won’t let us take any pictures of its amazing HoloLens headset. Damn them. Here’s the next best thing, though: five animated GIFs. If you want to know what holographic hardware looks like—inside and out — this is the best you’ll get. Read More >>

The Next Cortana Won’t Just be a Sexy Lady—You Can Also Choose a Guy

Why are our digital assistants submissive human women? It’s more than a little sexist, no? But soon, Microsoft’s Cortana will let you change her gender. There will be a male version too. Read More >>

The Microsoft Band Could Get Way More Interesting With DIY Web Apps

Soon, the Apple Watch will wirelessly monitor your glucose level. But you know what? The Microsoft Band can do that too. This is just one of many apps that could come to the beleaguered Band — thanks to a new ability to turn web data into live tiles for the wearable. Read More >>

Four Missing Features I Want to See in Windows 10

Confession time: I love Windows. Yes, I work from a MacBook Air every single day, and it’s fine, but I prefer a Windows machine — and I’m really looking forward to Windows 10. That said, there are four things Microsoft hasn’t announced that I really want. Read More >>

Windows 8.1: Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft rolls out the next version of Windows, 8.1, at its annual Build developers conference today. It's a big deal. Windows 8 was a crazy ambitious step, what follows is just as important. This is what Microsoft's taken from your months of feedback (or just, yelling). Read More >>