Microsoft’s Xbox Console Streaming Preview Is Now Available Worldwide

Following a pretty successful trial run in the US and UK, Microsoft is now opening up its Xbox One Console Streaming Preview to the world, or at the very least, every country where Microsoft supports Xbox Live. Read More >>

The Last Vestige of Internet Explorer Dies Today

Microsoft has been teasing big changes to Microsoft Edge for nearly a year. Two years ago, the company announced that Edge would move to rely on the same Chromium code base as Google’s Chrome. Then came alphas, and betas, and even a build for macOS that I quite liked. The new version of Edge, which kills the ereader but becomes significantly better at reading the web, launches today. And with it, one of the last vestiges of Internet Explorer dies. Read More >>

Stop What You’re Doing and Update Windows Right Now

The National Security Agency disclosed a major vulnerability in the latest version of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 to Microsoft, which released a fix for the issue on Tuesday, the MIT Technology Review reported. Read More >>

Windows 7 is Finally Dead

The time has come. After 10 years of service, Windows 7 has finally been put to rest by Microsoft. From January 14 2020, Windows 7 users will no longer receive technical support, security and software updates. It's time to move on. Read More >>

Microsoft Outsourced Skype, Cortana Voice Analysis to China With Virtually No Security in Place: Report

Microsoft had “no security measures” on a programme that had humans transcribe user voice recordings from its Skype video calling service and Cortana assistant, the Guardian reported on Friday, even when those workers were located in China. Read More >>

Microsoft Seizes ‘’ and Other Copycat Domains From North Korea-Linked Hackers

On Monday, Microsoft announced that it had taken control of 50 domains associated with hackers believed to be operating out of North Korea. Unsealed court documents show that the domains include “,” “,” and “,” among other copycat URLs. Read More >>

The Most Disappointing Gadgets of the Decade

For every major leap in technology, there have been plenty of face plants, ill-advised cash grabs, and just plan bad tech. So here are the gadgets and technology that absolutely screwed the pooch. Read More >>

There’s at Least One Thing That Bing Does Better Than Google – Disinformation

The Bing search engine – which is still around ten years after Microsoft created it, despite having only five per cent market share – gets a lot of flak for not being as useful as Google’s search engine. But a recent study found that it’s actually even worse at delivering information than was previously known. Read More >>

We Know the Name of the Next Xbox and It’s Series-ous

Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console is called Xbox Series X, the company announced during an onstage unveiling at this year’s Game Awards Thursday. It’s slated for a holiday 2020 release, unsurprisingly corresponding with competitor Sony’s release date for its Playstation 5. Read More >>

Microsoft Set to Bombard Users With Full-Screen Notices That Windows 7 Is Dying

Windows 7 users, prepare yourselves for the aggressive, full-screen notifications informing users their operating system is out of date. It’s happening soon. Read More >>

The Most Innovative Gadgets of the Decade

This decade we saw the smartphone move from overpriced gadget to something more necessary than a laptop or desktop. We saw the e-reader settle on a design so perfect it’s barely changed in seven years. We saw games systems that made us rethink how we game and laptops that made us rethink what a good laptop should look like. There were incredible wearables, and remarkable VR systems, and drones so well designed practically anyone can fly them. Below are the most innovative gadgets of the decade – the ones that will continue to matter long after the devices themselves become obsolete. Read More >>

Report Claims Microsoft’s Project Scarlett Could Be 4 to 5 Times More Powerful than Xbox One X

Over the summer we were told the next generation of consoles would have the “greatest compute jump in any console” and, last week, a report from Kotaku claimed Microsoft’s plan to make two versions of Project Scarlett, including a cheaper disc-less model. Now some new info has specific numbers on how powerful Microsoft’s next-gen consoles might be. Read More >>

Six Top Tech Companies Weaselled Their Way Out of £76 Billion in Taxes, Study Finds

Tech companies don’t pay their taxes. Together, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Apple, and Microsoft may have skipped out on over $100 billion (£76 billion) in taxes they should have paid since 2010, according to a new report from British tax accreditation organisation Fair Tax Mark. That’s enough to pay 2.6 million British households the country's median annual household income, 326,180 UK homes, 792 million years of Netflix... fill in as applies to you. Read More >>