Surface Duo Will Make Notifications Available With Just a Peek

How do you solve the problem of a folding dual screen phone with no external display? If you're Microsoft and you're hyping up the Microsoft Surface Duo, you do it by allowing simple details to be discerned simply by opening the device slightly. Read More >>

Microsoft Expects to Lose Money Due to Coronavirus

The impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus continues to hit tech companies, with Microsoft revising its profit forecasts for its OEM and Surface businesses as a result of the disruption it's causing in China. Read More >>

smart speakers
The Shows On Netflix That Could Be Triggering Your Smart Speaker

As smart speakers have become a ubiquitous part of our day-to-day lives, so too has it become clear these devices may not be as private as they appear at first glance—that they may be listening in even when they shouldn’t be, that recordings may contain sensitive information that we didn’t realise was being uploaded to the cloud, and that those recordings may be accessible by human workers. Read More >>

Microsoft Sheds More Light on Xbox Series X Performance and Features

While Microsoft is still keeping some info under wraps, just ahead of its expected full reveal at E3 in June, Microsoft has released some more details about its upcoming flagship console: the Xbox Series X. Read More >>

Microsoft Rolls Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Into One Unified App for Android

Microsoft is finally bringing three of its obligatory products under a single, unified app for Android—meaning users who use all three apps will no longer be required to install all three individually. Read More >>

Malware Threats on Macs Outpace Windows For First Time Ever

It’s generally accepted that Macs are safer and less malware-prone than Windows PCs. Well, not anymore. A new report says that for the first time ever, Mac-specific threats outpaced PCs by a rate of 2:1 in 2019. Read More >>

A Wild Microsoft Surface Duo Appears

While it was announced back in October 2019, Microsoft's Surface Duo has made its first public appearance after a video was posted of someone using the device on public transport. Read More >>

Maybe Microsoft’s Xbox Chief Didn’t Say the Stupidest Thing About Cloud Gaming This Week

In a quote in Politico’s new technology-focused publication, Protocol, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer said something seemingly earth-shattering for any gamer: it isn’t Nintendo or Sony that Microsoft views as primary competitors in the gaming space, but Amazon and Google. That sounds deeply stupid. Google’s Stadia has basically been a flop, and Amazon hasn’t even launched a gaming console or service (no, the Amazon Fire does not count). But the cloud gaming race is a little more complex than it seems at first glance. Read More >>

Search on Windows 10 Was Borked, but Microsoft Says It Has a Fix

An issue with Windows Search that turned up blank boxes for many Windows 10 users on Wednesday appeared to be related to Bing, but Microsoft says it’s rolled out a fix for “most users” – and if you’re not one of them, there’s a workaround. Read More >>

microsoft edge
How to Switch Over to Microsoft Edge Now That It’s Actually Good

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft Edge is back: The rebooted, revamped, and rebuilt program is now based on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome and a variety of other browsers, and Microsoft has taken the opportunity to streamline and tidy up the application at the same time. Here’s how to give it a trial run, and some of the features you can try out when you do. Read More >>

Apple and Other Tech Companies Begin Taking Measures to Deal With Coronavirus Outbreak

Apple chief Tim Cook this week said the company is preparing for its production to be affected by an ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and the company is limiting employee travel to the region. Apple joins other tech companies in keeping China travel to only crucial business functions as US health officials warn against non-essential travel in response to the deadly virus. Read More >>

Microsoft Backflips On Windows 7 Patches

The very last Windows 7 update of all time has just been updated by Microsoft itself. Read More >>

All These Extremely Powerful People May Want to Double Check They Weren’t Hacked by a Saudi Prince

In early 2018, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman took a sweeping tour of the U.S. as part of a strategy to rebrand Saudi Arabia’s ruling monarchy as a modernising force and pull off his “Vision 2030” plan – hobnobbing with a list of corporate execs and politicians that reads like a who’s who list of the U.S. elite. The trip was so heavily promoted by the Saudis that 200,000 copies of a suspiciously pro-prince magazine hit U.S. newsstands. Read More >>

Microsoft Discloses It Left Over 250 Million Customer Support Records Exposed on Servers

Microsoft inadvertently left hundreds of millions of customer service and support requests exposed on several servers without password protection from Dec. 5 to Dec. 31, 2019, the company’s Security Response Center wrote on a blog post on Wednesday. Read More >>

Looks Like Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Leaked on Twitter

Microsoft caught people with a small surprise when it announced its next big game console – the Xbox Series X – late last year at the 2019 Game Awards. And now, someone may have just dropped the first real-world photos of the Series X months before its official release. Read More >>