Smartphone Charging Cables Don’t Get Much More Portable Than This

Thin smartphones also mean thin batteries, and carrying a charging cable so your phone can last the day is basically a fact of life now. To make the situation a little more convenient there have been countless keychain-friendly solutions for charging your smartphone, but none as perfectly tiny as the inCharge. Read More >>

One Universal Phone Charger to Rule Them all by 2017?

"For everything there is a season, for every phone its own separate charger," to...paraphrase Ecclesiastes 3:1. But, Apple's Lightning connector be-damned, that could all change in the coming years, as Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted in favour of a universal phone charger standard this week. Read More >>

Apple’s £25 iPhone Cable Cash Cow Might be Chopped by New EU MicroUSB Law

The way Apple goes it alone in offering the only smartphone on the market without a MicroUSB connector might soon be coming to a forceful end, with the EU planning a fresh push to enforce its universal charger dream. Read More >>

Tiny Charging Cable Keyring Juices Androids and iPhones Alike

Carrying around a charging cable is a fact of life if you use your smartphone for more than just the occasional call. But instead of packing the bulky cables that came with your iPhone or Android handset, just slip this tiny USB adapter onto your keychain for emergency battery top-offs. Read More >>