Infrared Microwave Shows Your Food Change Colour as it Heats Up

After watching this video I feel like the best microwave I've ever used sucked very badly. What you see here is a concept for the Heat Map Microwave, which would have a built-in IR camera on top and a screen on the front, effectively allowing you to see exactly when your food has been heated all the way through. Get this thing in my kitchen right now. Read More >>

What Happens to Marshmallow Peeps in a Vacuum

Anyone familiar with American springtime tradition will know about sending Peeps to their noble deaths via microwave. For everyone else, Peeps are marshmallow sweets, and microwaving them is apparently a thing over in the States (god knows why). Apparently microwaving is getting a bit old. How about a total vacuum instead? Read More >>

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Microwaving a CD Is as Beautiful as It Is Absolutely Lethal

When you microwave a CD, something amazing happens. Lightning, plasma, and fire emanating from that once-perfect plastic disc. Problem is you're just as likely to blow up your microwave and yourself, as you are to see anything cool, so don't do this at home. OK? Just feast your eyes on this little lot. [Twitter via Sunday via Kotaku] Read More >>

That Samsung Galaxy S III Didn’t Explode, It Was Microwaved

Last month we saw pictures of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S III that supposedly exploded while sitting in a car dash-mount. Turns out, some chap actually got the thing wet and decided it was a fantastic idea to stick it in the microwave to try and dry it out. Genius. Read More >>

If Microwaves Can’t Make Food Taste Good, They Should At Least Look Good

We don't need much out of our microwaves. Those leftovers will be soggy and rubbery regardless of how good it is. But its convenience is indisputable, and if it's going to take up space on the kitchen counter, it might as well look good. Enter Big Chill's Microwave Oven. Read More >>

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The Last Microwave Dish is Removed From the BT Tower in London

It's the end of an era for microwave communications. The BT Tower used to use 29 massive dishes, 152m up above the skys of London to transmit TV across the country. Now though, TV is transmitted via optical fibre -- the old microwave dishes have been surpassed. Read More >>