Pretend Milk is Rapidly Becoming the UK’s Normal Milk

The various white fluids sold under the umbrella description of "milk" are rocketing in popularity in the UK, as the nation stops diluting its teas and coffees with traditional milk-milk and instead watches some almond/rice/soya/coconut blend coagulate into lumps in their instant decaf. Read More >>

Scottish Supermarket Installs Milk Vending Machine for Refillable Bottles

A boutique Scottish farm shop has hit upon an idea that might just save the planet from choking to death on two-litre plastic milk jugs; a milk vending machine customers use to fill their own reusable glass bottles. A robot cow at your service. Read More >>

Plastic Guilt is Reviving the Milk Bottle

The UK's network of smaller local dairies are reporting a surge in demand for milk in old fashioned glass bottles, as the nation's resolve to move away from plastic containers strengthens. Read More >>

Almond Milk Comes Dead Last in New Ranking of Milky Fluids 

In the land of milk and honey, good old-fashioned dairy is still on top—at least so says a recent review published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology this past November. Researchers at McGill University in Canada compared the nutritional content and health benefits of cow’s milk to four popular and unsweetened plant-based milk substitutes: soy, rice, coconut, and almond. Cow’s milk was the most nutritionally balanced, but if you want to avoid dairy, soy milk came in a close second. Almond milk? Dead last. Read More >>

Scientists Feed Cows Onions to Make Them Stop Farting So Much Methane

Napoleon Dynamite takes a sip from a tall jar of milk, then sets it down next to two other jars. He points. “The defect in that one is bleach.” “That’s correct,” says a judge from FFA, the agricultural education organisation. He sips another. “This tastes like the cow got into an onion patch.” Read More >>

You Can Buy ‘Vintage Milk’ on Amazon

The internet is a vast place and somewhere, in its vastness, someone is trying to sell “vintage milk.” Read More >>

What’s Up with Characters Drinking Milk in Films?

It’s not a glass of whiskey, and it’s certainly not a martini that’s shaken, not stirred. But there is something surprisingly cinematic about a character drinking a glass of milk in films. Read More >>

New Milk-Based Food Packaging Promises Wrappings You Can Eat

A potential revolution in the packaging industry is perhaps on the way, one that might see today's masses of slightly unnecessary plastic that covers every food we buy replaced by a safer, natural alternative that's even edible. Read More >>

This Milk Lasts Up to Nine Weeks Without Spoiling

Refrigerated pasteurised milk typically lasts about two to three weeks before turning into a wretched hive of scum and villainy. A new process developed by researchers at Purdue University extends the shelf life of milk up to 63 days—and without the benefit of added chemicals. Read More >>

Chernobyl’s Milk Is Still Radioactive, Thirty Years After the Meltdown

It’s been thirty years since the Chernobyl disaster and radiation levels in plants seemed to have died down. So why are levels of radiation in milk still peaking? Read More >>

Make a 3D Scanner Using Milk, Because Why the Hell Not

All a 3D scanner does is capture cross sections of an object, so some people are coming up with cheap ways to do it. And for $15/£10.50, this is one of the most inexpensive, and easily the grossest. Read More >>

If You Drink Milk and Don’t Get Sick, You’re a Mutant

Milk is full of a sugar called lactose, which needs a special enzyme called lactase to break it down. But children used to stop producing the enzyme around the age of 4 or 5—and those of us who still make it are, in fact, mutants. Read More >>

Add Camel Milk to Your Coffee for a Healthier, Mildly-Unsettling Drink

A coffee chain has come up with a novel way of raising money to help charities in Africa, with select branches of Taylor St Baristas now offering the option of camel milk in your coffee or tea in return for a £1 donation. Try it, it's good for you, they say. Just don't think about camels and their loose, slobbery, hairy mouths while drinking it. Read More >>

These Fur Coats Are Made Entirely of Human Chest Hair Because… Milk?

If you were an advertising executive tasked with selling chocolate milk, what approach would you take? Fun cartoon characters? Promoting the health benefits of calcium? Touting its delicious taste? Wrong, wrong, wrong. The right answer is to commission the creation of a fur coat hand-woven from over a million strands of male chest hair. Because nothing pairs better with food than human hairs. Read More >>

happy hour
Ten Crazy Things People Use to Make Booze

Sometimes you just don't have the right resources to make a decent drink. But if you get enough sober, thirsty minds focused on the problem, humans can find some pretty creative ways to come up with alcohol. Read More >>