The Army’s “Snowflake” Ads Seemed to Work

A series of ads for joining the British Army caused quite the internet outrage for half a day or so earlier this year, as they sort of joined in with the trend for mocking today's blamed-for-everything millennials, calling the kids snowflakes, "me me me" millennials and phone zombies, as part of an effort to say "Ah! But that's exactly what we need!" and get youths to join the army. Read More >>

Millennials Don’t Have Can Openers, Apparently

They've been blamed for everything from the price of avocados to the decline of Western civilisation, and now apparently millennials are at fault for not buying enough canned fish. Read More >>

Morrisons Launches Dragon Egg Avocados

Avocado aficionados will no doubt be saying "holy guacamole" over the latest addition to Morrisons' produce range: a heckin' giant avocado that can make twelve portions of av-on-toast all by itself. Read More >>

Millennials Get Their News From Memes, Says Tech Company That Understands Neither

"Memes have replaced Twitter as the go-to news source for millennials," according to smartphone manufacturer LG, in surely one of the worst press releases ever. Read More >>

Selfridges Convinced A Load Of Millennials To Peel Their Potatoes For Free

If you've been wondering how to get someone to do all your housework for nothing, it turns out the answer is to set up a workshop for millennials to "relax and reconnect." Read More >>

Millennials Simply Have to Have Their Coffee, No Matter the Cost

According to a new report from Bloomberg, millennials simply gotta have their java. Great for business, you might think, except coffee supplies around the world are tightening. So if we enter into a global coffee shortage, blame the java-crazed millennials. Read More >>

Lazy Millennials Aren’t Even Banging That Much

Despite their reputation as vagrants who can’t stop fucking long enough to land themselves a job, it appears millennials aren’t actually humping as much as you might think. New research published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior suggests that some millennials —people born between 1981 and 1997 — aren’t porking as much as their parents did. Read More >>