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Star Wars Fans Found the Millennium Falcon in a Field Again, This Time in Surrey

No matter how hard they try, people just can't stop accidentally stumbling across the Star Wars' Millennium Falcon in random parts of the countryside. First Urban Explorers stumbled across the famous ship during filming last May, some others have found the ship casually chilling out in a field in Surrey. Read More >>

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Lego’s Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon is Proof Lego Isn’t Just a Kid’s Toy

Last Friday I got a very large package delivered to my flat. A supposedly child-friendly package, before anyone starts asking about porn-based innuendos. Inside was the latest edition to Lego's product line, a set that makes fans of Lego Star Wars simultaneously marvel at its grandeur and shriek with abject horror. Read More >>

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Let Nothing Keep You Away From These Incredible Official Star Wars Drones

We’ve just found this year’s must-have Christmas presents. Propel has unveiled an upcoming range of official Star Wars drones -- the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing, a TIE fighter and a speeder bike -- and the company looks like it’s done every fanboy that’s ever existed proud. Read More >>

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A Masterful Paint Job Makes This Millennium Falcon Toy Look Like a Star Wars Movie Prop

It’s no secret that professional model makers often use the same plastic model kits you can buy at a hobby shop, they’re just highly skilled at painting them to look incredibly realistic. Tristan Elliott instead started with Hasbro’s Battle Action Millennium Falcon toy, and with a little extra paint, turned it into a near-flawless film prop. Read More >>

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It Takes Three Months Just to 3D Print All the Parts for This Detailed Millennium Falcon Model

You’d need a massive, and prohibitively expensive, 3D printer to create this 40-inch long Millennium Falcon replica in one pass. So the folks at Gambody have broken the model down into 236 bite-size pieces that most affordable 3D printers can easily handle. All you need is lots and lots of time. Read More >>

You Need 10,000 Pieces to Build a Minifig-Scale Lego Millennium Falcon

Lego’s Millennium Falcons are some of the toymaker’s largest and most impressive sets, but to keep the price tags reasonable there are some compromises made when it comes to size, scale, and detailing. As the Lego fans at Titans Creations discovered, to build a Millennium Falcon that’s actually perfectly sized for minifigs you’ll need some 10,000 bricks at your disposal. Read More >>

How Sound Engineers Made the Millennium Falcon’s Most Iconic Noise

The Millennium Falcon is the king of cool when it comes to classic sci-fi spaceships. The vessel is a kitbashed masterpiece and bold image that screams Star Wars. It's also a "piece of junk," a "bucket of bolts," and constant headache for Han Solo and company, but hey, she's got it where it counts. Read More >>

Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Photos Show the Millennium Falcon’s Return

If you were hoping to stay spoiler free about the next Star Wars films, it's time to get off the internet. Following up on yesterday's leak, TMZ has posted 22 more secret behind-the-scenes photos from the Star Wars Episode VII secret production studio, including our first glimpse of the Millennium Falcon's return. Read More >>

Not Up For Backing a Death Star? How About an X-Wing Instead?

So, you didn't think backing the Death Star on Kickstarter was worth your hard-earned cash? How about an X-Wing instead? Yes, that's right, you too can get in at the ground level and help the Rebel Alliance build an X-Wing squadron to take on the might of the Imperial open-source Death Star -- only £7 million needed. Read More >>

Star Wars Fan Builds a Docking Bay For His Millennium Falcon

Why yes, that is a LEGO Millennium Falcon perched inside a diorama of Docking Bay 327, the scene of Obi-Wan and Darth Vader's battle. It was created by German builder David Wagner and measures an impressive 90cm x 100cm. The project required roughly 10,500 bricks, four months, and £860 to complete. Read More >>