London Tube Accidents Reached New High Of 4,928 In 2016

TfL has reported that accidents on the London Underground are up 11% on 2015, with nearly 5000 reported incidents. The one bright spot is that customers seem to be falling into the gap less, with 282 people not heeding the words of the intercom - down from 293 in 2015. Read More >>

These Creepy Tunnels Are Where Churchill Hid From Nazi Bombs

Abandoned subway stations are equal parts fascinating and creepy. Due to its role in World War II, the Down Street tube station in Westminster is historically fascinating and creepy. And soon, it will be open to the public. Read More >>

The Voices of the Tube

There are certain places in London that everyone knows, but no one has ever been to. We know the Tube terminates at Upminster… but has anyone actually been there? What about Uxbridge? And does anyone really catch the Tube all the way to Morden? I guess you’d have to, as surely one does not simply walk into Morden. The semi-mythical status of these places is no-doubt cemented in our minds by the fact that they’re announced on the Tube by something akin to the voice of God. The tube announcers' voices are all so familiar to us… but who actually are they? Read More >>

School Campaigners Want Every Child to Have Home Internet Access

Not enough children have access to the internet at home. This is according to a new campaign group, Mind The Gap, who aim to extend access to 100,000 children within a year – especially targeting the poorest households – to ensure that young students can get online to do homework, revision and individual study. Read More >>

The Iconic “Mind the Gap” Is Back After Widow’s Request

It's not often government shows a touch of class, but TfL's gone and done just that. After a letter from the widow of Peter Lodge, the original "Mind the Gap" man, requesting that it be played on the Northern Line at Embankment, just so she could hear his voice again, London Underground has re-instated the classic announcement at Embankment, and is planning to roll out it to other platforms too. Simply brilliant. If you don't know the tale behind the iconic catchphrase, check out the story on [The Importance of Being Trivial] Read More >>