Kew Gardens Club Offers Chance to Try Mind-Bending Plant Drugs

Those of you who've ever fruitlessly smoked the content of your gran's herbs and spices rack in an attempt to get high might want to venture down to London's Kew Gardens, where a niche enthusiast plant club will offer visitors that chance to try some intoxicating drug plants. Read More >>

Distract Yourself With Something Dull for Killer Ideas

Sitting down, with a pen (or stylus) in your hand and waiting for an idea to happen isn't the best way to get your creative on. Distracting your inner monologue and letting your brain process thoughts in the background leads to better results. Read More >>

Study: Drinking Two Beers Makes You Clever

If you're hung up on a brain-twizzling problem, crack a brew. A new study from the University of Illinois suggest that, contrary to common belief, alcohol's buzz might actually improve your problem-solving skills. Read More >>