Wankers Rejoice! UK Indefinitely Delays Porn Block

The government’s plan to implement a mandatory, nationwide age verification system for pornographic websites attracted ridicule from technical experts who pointed out it could easily be evaded by anyone with minimal technical know-how, but would likely require sweeping tracking of porn viewers’ identities and web histories. Now, according to Sky News, sources say the project is “indefinitely delayed” (after being previously delayed twice) and will not in fact be rolling out next month on 15th July as planned. Read More >>

Pornhub Owner MindGeek Shows Off the Tool That May be Restricting Your Access to Porn Very Soon

It's no secret that the government hates videos and images of naked people, and has decided to make it harder to access that kind of material without going through an identity verification system that may or may not track everything we view. Because we have to protect the children, obviously, since parents can't be trusted to install parental control software. Read More >>