Minecraft: Story Mode Is Now On Netflix

Kids, Minecrafters and fans of choose-your-own-adventure stories take note: Netflix has picked up Minecraft: Story Mode, so you can now play-watch the show at your leisure. Read More >>

The Minecraft Movie Has Lost Its Writer and Director

The adaptation of the juggernaut videogame is having some problems. Read More >>

Minecraft Is Coming to Adventure Time for a Very Blocky Episode

Adventure Time already came to Mojang’s survival game/block building phenom Minecraft last year, and now the animated series is returning the favor with a special episode that sees Finn and friends having fun in a much more angular version of the Land of Ooo than they’re used to. Read More >>

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Supergirl Shows Off Her Super Singing Chops in Minecraft Advert

Melissa Benoist can sing. Her breakout TV role was on Glee, after all. But it’s still a delight to hear her bring her Supergirl charisma to bear with a song. Read More >>

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Take a Trippy Ride Down Minecraft’s Acid Interstate

Climb aboard kids—it’s time to tune in, drop out, and have your mind expanded. Read More >>

Minecraft VR Is Coming To Oculus Rift Next Week

Minecraft fans, rejoice! The popular sandbox video game will finally be playable in virtual reality as soon as next week. Mojang employee Tommaso Checchimade made the announcement earlier today in a tweet. Read More >>

Redditor Made Working Pokemon Game Inside Minecraft

In a deliciously meta update, Redditor Requag built a working version of Pokemon Fire Red for Gameboy Advance within the world of Minecraft. It’s not fully functional, but it’s still pretty cool. [Reddit via Engadget] Read More >>

Bjarke Ingels Built a Real-Life Minecraft Structure in London

Each year, the opening of the Serpentine Pavilion heralds the beginning of summer with a temporary structure installed in a Hyde Park. This year, the pavilion was designed by Bjarke Ingels, the Danish superstar architect who was recently brought onboard to design Hyperloop One stations. Depending on where you stand, it’s either a very convincing take on a contemporary Minecraft cathedral, or a fancy modern house for Q*bert. Read More >>

Minecraft is Now a Playground for AI Experiments

Microsoft has announced that it’s starting to use Minecraft as a space in which to build, test and develop new artificial intelligence systems. The new platform, developed by academics, will be made available to everyone over the summer. Read More >>

The First Minecraft Hot Wheels Car is Just a Box on Wheels

It looks like Mattel has decided to test the dedication of die-hard Hot Wheels collectors and completionists. The line’s first Minecraft-themed vehicle, the Minecart, is a perfect recreation of the one appearing in the game. So in other words, it’s nothing more than a box on wheels. Read More >>

Learning the Building Blocks of Coding With Minecraft

A computer-coding organisation recently launched a Star Wars-themed “Hour of Code” tutorial, and now it is geeking it up a notch: a brand-new program is based in the world of world-building game Minecraft. Read More >>

Scientists Built This Molecular Playground in Minecraft to Teach Kids Chemistry

Minecraft welcomes millions of young players every day and is home to all kinds of nerdery. Now, a team of chemists hope to bring the two together by helping children take their first blocky steps into the world of biochemistry inside the virtual building environment. Read More >>

The Minecraft Version of the Bible is Brilliant and Might Actually Bring you Closer to God

That’s right. I said it. It’s easy to mock religious types because, well, they’re religious, but an American pastor has created something that looks really, genuinely excellent. Terry A. Smith’s produced The Unofficial Holy Bible for Minecrafters, which is essentially a light-hearted, image-heavy, Minecraft-style guide to the Old and New Testaments. It should be packed full of all the old favourites, including Eve's creation from Adam's rib, the crucifixion of Jesus and, of course, the massacre of the innocents. Lovely. Read More >>

Government Makes 3D Models of England Free on Minecrafters’ Request

Laser scanning has helped us do everything from discovering new things about Stonehenge to planning better flood infrastructure. Now, our government has made the entirety of its massive trove of scans available for free—in part because of requests from everyone from researchers to Minecraft players. Read More >>

British Geological Survey Recreates UK Towns in Minecraft

Someone at the British Geological Survey managed to convince a boss that engaging with the kids via Minecraft might be a good idea, so here we all are reading about accurate maps of West Thurrock, York and Ingleborough that have been built using existing national topography and geology databases. Read More >>