NES Classic Mania to Return in 2018

Nintendo, in one of those news bursts it issues occasionally, has addressed the thorny issue of the NES Classic. It's going to be manufactured again, with the miniature retro machine hitting the shelves, and the eBay listings of scalpers, in the summer of 2018. Nothing was said as to why it can suddenly start making them again. Just be happy about it. Read More >>

BMW Shows Off Full Electric Mini Designs

We now know what the UK-built electric Mini is going to look like, courtesy of brand custodian BMW. It's a Mini, of course, but with glowly swooshy bits to tell everyone it's got the posh new kind of motor and a battery inside that'd keep a smartphone operational for a decade. Read More >>

UK Wins Battle to Build Full Electric Mini

The forthcoming electric version of BMW's next-generation Mini is to be built in the UK, as the company's bosses have decided that our Oxford base is the best place to knock them out from, despite all the UK/EU/Brexit hoo-haa that had some worrying end production might be handled elsewhere. Read More >>

Mini’s Augmented Reality Goggles Let You “See Through” Your Car Door

Driving goggles aren't really a thing anymore, and unless you look like James May then chances are you look rather daft wearing them. Of course driving goggles are redundant these days, but Mini wants to bring them back with the added bonus of augmented reality. Read More >>

The iPad Mini Seems Crazy Expensive

There's almost no question that the iPad Mini is a terrific device; it's got too much pedigree and money behind it to be anything else. But barring some sort of miracle from Ive, it's also certifiably overpriced. And that's a bad sign for Apple. Read More >>

Apple Event: iPad Mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina, New iMac and Mac Mini?

The Apple iPad Mini is being announced on October 23. Tim Cook and his mariachis are presenting the new ultra-thin, ultra-light, magical and sightly smaller iPad* at 6pm at the California Center in San Jose, and we'll be covering it live, here on Giz UK. Read More >>

10 Great and British Designs, Handpicked by Two Eagle-Eyed Design Critics

Tim Greenhalgh of FITCH writes... "Design is everywhere, and there is almost nothing that you use or see everyday that has, in fact, not been designed in some way...but is it great? For me, great design makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention – it’s transformational and makes you view the regular world around you in a totally new way. It's remarkable because after seeing it, you want to tell someone/everyone about it: ”have you seen…!” Read More >>

The Galaxy S III Mini Is Official, and Officially Boring

We got really excited yesterday when we heard there would be a miniaturised Galaxy S III coming. Our excitement didn't last long, when a second rumour hinted that the specs wouldn't be anywhere close to the original S III. Read More >>

Welsh Assembly Boost as Raspberry Pi is now “Made in Britain” Thanks to Sony

The British maker of the staggeringly popular Raspberry Pi mini-computer has finally found a way to get the hardware assembled in the UK, with future batches of the machine being built in Wales rather than outsourced to China. Read More >>

Alleged “iPad Mini” Shows Up in iOS Developer’s Code Logs

It's getting so close, we can almost taste. In fact, Instapaper developer Marco Armnet already saw it. Kinda. Arment spotted in his iOS developer code logs what he believes to be the codes for two new iPad models — minis. Read More >>

This Is What the iPad Mini Might Look Like

A smaller iPad is supposedly, probably, maybe coming. The smoke on the rumoured 7.85-inch iPad Mini is so thick now that it seems like it's going to be a real thing by Cupertino. But with new rumours of it taking a different shape than the iPad, what would it look like? Maybe like this. Read More >>

Apple’s 7.85-Inch Mini iPad Will Be Super Thin and Built In Brazil In September

Seems the rumours are getting stronger for a mini, 7.85-inch version of the iPad. The latest comes from "reliable Chinese sources" that say the fabled tablet will be built in Brazil in September, which means it really could be here in October. Read More >>

Drobo 5D and Drobo Mini: Leaner, Meaner, Faster, Thunderbolt-Equipped

The Drobo family of products are generally respected amongst professionals and tech nerds, but the one complaint was that the dynamic storage arrays were too slow. Drobo listened, and now they're answering back with the Drobo 5D and Drobo Mini, two devices designed to handle the most demanding of file transfers. Read More >>

Brit Long-Jumper Clears Three Mini Coopers

JJ Jegede hasn't set a world record with his feat, given the combined width of the Minis is less than the Olympic long jump qualifying standard -- but he's got in the papers. That's a modern-world gold medal achievement. [YouTube via Giz US and The Mirror] Read More >>