Could We BE Any More Excited About This Lego ‘Friends’ Set?

We're big kids at heart, so news that a (strictly unofficial) 'Friends' Lego set is coming has us more excited than Joey at Thanksgiving. Read More >>

Talented Lego Customiser Recreates Iron Man’s Vast Suit Collection Using Minifigs

It’s hard to nail down an exact number, but based on the comics and movies, Tony Stark has created somewhere between 46 to 52 different Iron Man suits. Lego customiser Minh Pham has flawlessly recreated 24 of them by painstakingly modifying and customising Lego Minifigs. Read More >>

Monkey Island Lego Set Needs Your Support

This Secret of Monkey Island-themed Lego set is up on Lego Ideas right now and it is adorable. It's a recreation of the infamous Scumm Bar, that den of iniquity on Melee Island. Read More >>

The New 16 Lego Simpsons Minifigs are Awesome and I Want Them All

Here you have them: The rumoured Lego Simpsons minifigs in all their glory! 16 of them, including Itchy and Scratchy with deadly weapons! Even the Simpsons themselves look better than the ones in the house set, because their eyes are fully open. Read More >>

Best Dad in the World* Steals £40,000 of Lego

A Lego police helicopter was hastily assembled and scrambled in the skies above a West Yorkshire business park, after thieves were discovered to have stolen £40,000 worth of Lego. So be on the lookout for shady men offering you discounted minifigs in pubs. Read More >>

These New Cool Lego Stormtroopers Minifigs Are Incredibly Detailed

Among all the Lego surprises at Toy Fair 2012, there's a cool new Star Wars set called Droid Escape. It's the pod in which C-3PO and R2-D2 use to land on Tatooine in the original movie. It includes these two stormtroopers, which are amazingly detailed. Read More >>

First Look at Lego Gollum And The Rest of the Lord of the Rings Minifig Baddies

Rejoice! Lego has sent us all the official images of all the Lego Lord of the Rings minifigs. They include the first look of the awesome Gollum, the Ringwraiths, the Uruk-hais, Moria Orcs and the Mordor Orcs. Read More >>

The First View of the Lego Lord of the Rings Minifigs

After the incoming Lego Minecraft, the other big Lego franchise that nerds everywhere are dying to get is Lego Lord of the Rings. This is the first view of its minifigs, captured by Huw Millington at London's Toy Fair. Read More >>