McDonald’s Workers Striking Again Rally More People Than Ever Before

After a couple of years of going on strike with what I assume is little success, workers at McDonald's are hoping that the third one's the charm. Read More >>

The Real Living Wage is Going Up

The voluntary Real Living Wage – paid by businesses who like their employees to be able to afford luxuries like food and electricity – is going up, meaning workers all over the country are about to get a payrise. Read More >>

The Queen Picks up a 5.7 Per Cent Pay Rise, as Royal Family Ltd Makes a Profit

The Sovereign Grant, or the rough equivalent of the Royal Family's annual benefit payment, will reach £40m next year, thanks to the Crown Estate generating record profits. Read More >>

UK’s Minimum Wage May Pop to £7 an Hour as Country Plods into Recovery Mode

Chancellor George "Cockney" Osborne has come out in favour of a shock, inflation-busting rise in the minimum wage, suggesting that those on the adult minimum pay structure might be earning a basic £7 an hour by the year 2015. Read More >>

It’s National Party Time Again as UK Minimum Wage Rockets by 12p an Hour

If you are lucky/unlucky enough to have a job that pays the UK's minimum wage you can afford to treat yourself to a sandwich from the luxury ranges today, thanks to the hourly minimum pay rate rocketing by 12p to sit at £6.31 per hour. Read More >>