Oh God, They’re Making Lego Minions Next

Minions are one of those weird things that had a strange impact on the world. They debited in a kids' movie several years ago, and somehow ended up being so popular they stuck around - despite the fact everyone seems to hate them. But I suppose there's something to be said for becoming the face of Facebook 'memes' made by middle/old age people who don't know actually know what memes are. Read More >>

Google Axes ‘Fanfiction’ Tab That Suggested Grinch and Minions Porn

Earlier this year, Google revamped its search engine on mobile devices, adding tabs for “the most common and relevant subtopics” to the top of results. Search for, say, The Grinch, on your phone, and you might see a suggested tab listing upcoming showtimes. Or, until Wednesday, one called “fanfiction” that surfaced stories like “How the Grinch Stole My Virginity.” Read More >>

The US Navy’s Futuristic New Diving Helmet Turns Sailors Into Minions

The US Navy is developing a new diving helmet fitted with something called Divers Augmented Vision Display (DAVD). It’s essentially a fancy underwater HUD. But really, the whole setup basically looks like a high tech Minion costume. Read More >>

Pantone’s “Minion Yellow” Isn’t Just Annoying, it’s Bad for Designers

Minion Yellow is a customised shade issued by Pantone with the express purpose of promoting the current instalment of a certain film franchise which opened recently in UK cinemas. It’s supposed to make people feel happy. But it makes me feel worried. Read More >>

The New McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Has a Dirty Mouth

Parents are outraged about new Minions-themed Happy Meal toys at McDonalds. How could anyone be upset by those cute little guys, who found fame in the Despicable Me films? Well, one of them appears to say “What the fuck?!” repeatedly. Read More >>

Pantone’s Newest (and Best) Colour: Minion Yellow

It’s been three years since Pantone, self-declared arbiters of visible light, has declared a new colour. But after 36 months of hard toil, the research team has emerged from the lab with the latest addition: Pantone Minion Yellow. Read More >>