The Ministry Of Defence Has Lost 63 Computers And 48 USB Sticks Since January 2017

When it comes to security, modern technology can be be bother a blessing and a curse. And despite everything that drones and modern communications equipment can do Read More >>

Trident to Receive Expensive (and Potentially Unnecessary) Software Update

It’s all been pretty quiet on the Trident front since that February rally, which saw a tie-less Jeremy Corbyn and other opposers take to the streets of London. However, it’s now emerged that the MoD plans to splash the cash to protect its 58 Trident II missiles from pesky hackers. Read More >>

Weaponised Insects Could Terrorise the UK in 2045 Says the MoD

Survivalists are going to have a field day with this. A Ministry of Defence thinktank has put together a study called "Global Strategic Trends -- Out to 2045" looking at the future of warfare and the changing nature of terrorism and digital security threats. And it makes for grim reading. Read More >>

This Flood of Time-Wasting Nutjobs Caused the MoD to Stop Investigating UFOs

A new batch of letters and photos sent to the Ministry of Defence regarding UFO sightings has been released, showing exactly why they gave up investigating flying saucers in 2009 -- everyone was taking the piss and letting their kids send joke letters. Read More >>

Look up! London’s Pretend Olympic Military Terror Tests Start Today

Those odd war games the Ministry of Defence has been planning are about to kick off today, with the series of military tests seeing jets and choppers buzzing over London for the next seven days. Read More >>

MoD renting out spectrum
UK Military Renting Radio Spectrum Until Sale In 2015

The Ministry of Defence is offering up a bit of radio spectrum for rent around the 3500MHz mark. Only one problem: it's up for sale in 2015, so anyone taking advantage will have to clear out by then for the new owners. Read More >>