This Puck is Lenovo’s Chromecast Competitor

Lenovo has just announced that it’s producing its own media streamer, in the same vein as Google’s Chromecast—but with a few extra features. The neat, black puck will let you beam video straight to your TV from most devices. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter Makes Your TV a Second Screen

Everyone knows of Google's successful Chromecast dongle, and the amount of imitators and competitors for USB-powered streaming supremacy are steadily climbing. Roku revealed its own Streaming Stick earlier this year and now Microsoft will be releasing its Wireless Display Adapter. Read More >>

Microsoft May Take on Chromecast With its Own Dongle Device

When it comes to streaming content to televisions, we certainly have choices—and Microsoft may offer another. Read More >>

Your Phone Will Soon Spew 4K Video From Its USB Port

The Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) standard, beloved of Roku and Android phone manufacturers, is about to get exciting: an update coming in September will allow phones to spit out 4K video from their USB ports. Read More >>

how to
How to Get Movies, Music, and More From Your Mobile Device to Your TV

There's not much your phone or tablet can't do these days, beyond maybe displaying their troves of mobile content on a screen larger than 10 inches. But that's what televisions are for. And, with one of these five methods, you'll be able to seamlessly throw music and movies from your little screen to your big screen. Read More >>

LG Shows Off Wireless 4K Streaming, From Phone to TV

LG has been showing off the first example of wireless Ultra HD steaming at MWC: it can take video from a phone, playing at 1080p, upscale it on the fly, and show it off at 4K on a TV. Read More >>

Simply Share Video on the Big Screen With the Xperia Z Magic

Sony's Xperia Z gives you the best of Sony in one package, a bundle topped by its stonking great 5" BRAVIA Reality Display. But for those times when five inches just aren't enough, one-touch mirroring tech makes sharing your mobile media with bigger displays a doddle. Read More >>

what is
What Is Miracast?

Everyone really likes AirPlay, Apple's Wi-Fi streaming standard that lets you send movies and music from, say, your iPhone to your speakers or Apple TV. Now there's a new standard out to do pretty much the same thing for everyone else. But how is it different from previous attempts? Read More >>