How a Kaleidoscope Is Made

A couple of mirrors, a cardboard tube, and a bunch of random crap. That’s what’s behind the mind-twisting magic of a kaleidoscope. And when we say random crap, we literally mean that. Read More >>

Giant, Rotating Mirrors to Turn Covent Garden’s Market Building Into a Drunk’s Nightmare

A bunch of creative types have decided to install a load of mirrors around Covent Garden, because passers-by are frightening to look at, and desperately need to sharpen themselves up. I kid, of course. Design agency Sculptivate says its installation will provide new perspectives and encourage visitors to enjoy a moment of reflection. Read More >>

A Mirror Made of Fuzzy Pom-Poms Is a Creepy, Beautiful Thing

Daniel Rozin is obsessed with making mirrors, but instead of using glass or silver paint, he takes a more unorthodox approach to creating reflections. Using data from a Microsoft Kinect sensor Rozin manipulates everything from animated plush toy penguins, to his latest subject, a wall of fuzzy pom-poms. Read More >>

This Mirrored Pavilion is a Space for Mind-Bending Personal Reflection

This eight-foot cube, covered in five mirror-clad faces, was designed by Los Angele- based architect and designer Michael Jantzen as a personal retreat. Presumably it brings new meaning to the idea of personal reflection. Read More >>

Mirrors Are About to Go Extinct

I'm willing to bet that in the near future, we will live in a world without mirrors. Yes, it sounds absurd. But hear me out. Read More >>

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How the Enormous Mirrors on the World’s Largest Telescope are Made

The Giant Magellan Telescope is easily the most ambitious terrestrial astronomy program humanity's ever devised. It has, quite literally, been built from the ground up by leveraging a brilliant, unique off-axis design and bleeding-edge fabrication techniques. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the telescope's enormous mirror system. Read More >>

This Reflective Facade Turns The Horizon Into a Gigantic Kaleidoscope

On the rocky shore of La Grande Motte, a seaside resort in the south of France, a reflective facade is turning the horizon-line into a kaleidoscopic head-trip. Breath Box is an installation composed of hundreds of mirrored panels that move in time with the wind. A word of advice: don't stare directly into this super-shiny wall. Read More >>

There’s a Trippy Walk-In Kaleidoscope Hiding in This Shipping Container

Drugs are illegal and often pretty bad for you. But who needs LSD when the world has talented designers like Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki. Last year, the Japanese duo took on the challenge of creating a mind-bending environment inside of a shipping container—and did they ever succeed. Read More >>

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An Augmented Reality Mirror Lets You Test Makeup Without Putting it On

Thanks to this slick augmented reality mirror, if you happen to find yourself in Sephora's makeup store while visiting Milan, Italy, you'll have the rare opportunity to try on almost every shade of eyeshadow the company sells, without ever putting any of it on your face. Read More >>

These Mirrors Could Give Satellites Their Own Dust-Busting Space Lasers

Anyone who's watched Gravity knows debris is always worse in space. Even dust, which can meddle with satellite sensors and cause all kinds of trouble—until now. Thanks to science, lasers are coming to the rescue. Read More >>

Nissan’s Smart Rearview Mirror Isn’t Blinded by Passengers or Cargo

Have you ever been hesitant to over-pack a vehicle with luggage or passengers because it would obscure the sightline for your rearview mirror? Nissan's Smart rearview mirror solves that problem by alternately displaying a live video feed from a camera mounted on the back of the vehicle. Read More >>

Lasers Create Ultra-Lightweight Mirrors from Polystyrene Beads

It's much easier for a telescope to see deep into the universe when it doesn't have to peer through the Earth's atmosphere, but getting them into space is expensive. There is a much cheaper solution, though, as researchers have actually found a way to make incredibly light mirrors using lasers and polystyrene beads. Read More >>