Misfit’s New Vapor X Smartwatch Looks Very Promising

The first Misfit Vapor was nearly vaporware. Its successor, the Vapor 2, tried to fix the original smartwatch’s issues but was ultimately hindered by an outdated processor. Today, Misfit launched its third stab at a smartwatch with the Vapor X – and at least on paper, it looks like it could be a substantial improvement over its predecessor Read More >>

This Smartwatch Has Incredibly Bad Timing

Here’s the thing about the Misfit Vapor 2: It’s the smartwatch Misfit should have released a year ago. Read More >>

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The Best Fitness Trackers to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Resolutions

A brand new year is upon us, and with it comes everyone attempting their own personal New Year's resolutions. Lots of people tend to opt for the business of dieting or getting fit, and thankfully there is tech to help you out along the way. Particularly if physical fitness is your main end goal. Read More >>

Misfit and Speedo’s Swim-Tracker Gains Some Useful Smartwatch Functionality

Originally designed as just a dedicated fitness tracker, Misfit’s coin-sized Shine gained some useful smartwatch-inspired features when the second version was introduced. And now its swim-friendly cousin, the Speedo Shine, is getting those same useful upgrades with the new Speedo Shine 2. Read More >>

You Can Use Regular Watch Bands on Misfit’s New Ray Fitness Tracker

Misfit’s been owned by Fossil for less than two months, but we are already seeing the accessory maker’s stylish influence on the brand’s fitness trackers. Misfit’s new Ray is a far cry from the sports watch form factor more common with wearables, and you can dress it up with standard eight-millimetre watch bands. Read More >>

Misfit’s New Shine 2 Fitness Tracker Is Much More Helpful Than the Original

Misift’s Shine fitness tracker focused on being good at one thing when it was introduced into the wearable wild in 2012 – um, tracking fitness. But since then, wearables have evolved beyond counting steps and seeing how well you’re snoozing. Now, notifications are a must for many fitness trackers. That’s why the Shine 2 exists. Read More >>

Speedo and Misfit Team Up For a Swimming-Focused Fitness Tracker

Misfit’s button-sized Shine fitness tracker is already waterproof to a depth of over 50 metres, so swimmers don’t need to take it off while training. But since accurately measuring laps is different than measuring steps, Misfit has teamed up with Speedo to create a new version of the Shine that’s customised to track underwater activities. Read More >>

The Best Fitness Tracker for Every Need

Like many of you, I work in front of a computer. They’re powerful devices, but they also suck your will to live and trick you into never, ever getting up and going outside. Reasons like that are why fitness trackers were invented. Read More >>

The Cheapest Fitness Tracker Yet Gets You in Shape For Just £20

There’s no screen to display your burned calories, no flashing LEDs to keep you motivated, and no way to strap it to your wrist. But Misfit’s new Flash Link fitness tracker has a killer feature that others to date do not: a cheap £20 price tag. Read More >>

Misfit and Swarovski Have Created the First Solar-Powered Fitness Tracker

A wearable fitness tracker is no good to you if you don't actually want to wear it (read: most of them). So to ensure its Shine appropriately matches any outfit – whether you're dressed up or dressed down – Misfit is hooking up with jewellery bods Swarovski to introduce the Swarovski Shine Collection featuring a crystal face and new accessories. Read More >>

Misfit Flash Will Help You Keep Fit for Less Than Fifty Quid

With attentions turning to Apple's Watch and its smartwatch rivals in the fitness tracking sphere, there's room increasingly for a cheaper alternative for health-conscious, wearable-wearing fashionistas. Misfit (that lot behind the Shine), are today introducing the Misfit Flash, which will track all manner of sporty metrics and give you a penny's change back from a £50 note. Read More >>

The Simplest Way to Track Your Sleep Yet

"The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath, / Balm of hurt minds, great Nature's second course..." We (Macbeth and I) are talking about sleep, and a lot of us suck at it. But exactly how do we suck at it? Do we toss and turn a lot? Snore? Are we roused by outside noises? Well, the new Misfit Beddit Sleep System promises to answer those questions. Read More >>

Misfit Fitness Tracker Now Shines as a Pebble App

Fitness focussed hardware and app makers Misfit have teamed up with the e-ink Pebble smartwatch team to bring health and fitness monitoring algorithms to the techy timepiece. Read More >>