This Is What Happens When You Mix Up the Brake and the Accelerator

Have you ever confused the brake for the accelerator in your car? No, me neither. But a woman in Turkey made that unfortunate mistake while pulling up to a petrol station in her Porsche 911 Turbo, launching her right through a shop. Read More >>

BBC Cock-Up Mistakes Halo Logo For United Nations Emblem Live on Air

Looks like someone at the BBC was being extremely lazy. Last Thursday, during a lunchtime news piece about the conflict in Syria, the BBC used the logo from Halo's fictional United Nations Space Command (UNSC) instead of the real United Nations logo -- Google image search perhaps? Read More >>

This Imperfect Processor Is 15 Times More Efficient Than Yours

While it might sound like a dumb idea, designing a computer processor that can make mistakes could be a good thing—especially where energy use is a concern. Read More >>