Mistletoe Somehow Survives Without Protein Needed by All Other Multicellular Life

Mistletoe might be a nice yuletide decoration, but it’s also a nefarious, parasitic badass that preys upon a series of hosts. Apparently one species has decided it no longer needs a protein that every other multicellular organism on Earth requires to live. Read More >>

Seven Drone Ideas Cooler Than TGI Friday’s Dumb Mistletoe Drone Idea

You might've seen a mistletoe-toting drone (sponsored by T.G.I. Friday's) pop up in your Facebook feed this week. This idea is both dumb and unoriginal. Some maker-types deployed a mistletoe drone in San Francisco last year. That was cute. This is a marketing stunt. Read More >>

Watch This Mistletoe Drone Launch Surprise Kiss Attacks

Nothing says Christmas cheer like an unmanned aerial vehicle! In San Francisco's Union Square, a drone decked out in tinsel and armed with mistletoe did some low-flying rounds over the heads of jolly folks, who were positively delighted at the excuse to engage in a little festive PDA. Ho! Ho! Ho! Read More >>