Mitsubishi’s Fake LED Skylights Simulate Sunlight to Make Offices Feel Less Depressing

The technologies that once promised to free us from soul-crushing office jobs have mostly resulted in just the opposite. But Mitsubishi is leveraging one technology in an attempt to make working in a sea of cubicles feel less depressing. It’s developed an LED-lit panel that can simulate natural light coming in from the outside, creating the effect of a skylight even in an office at the bottom of a towering skyscraper where that would be impossible. Read More >>

Mitsubishi Says its Staff Cheated on Fuel Consumption Tests

Mitsubishi has admitted to “improper conduct in fuel consumption testing” of engines fitted to a total of 625,000 cars. Read More >>

Mitsubishi Has Made an Antenna Out of Seawater

Who needs metal when you’re surrounded by water? Mitsubishi has announced a rather quirky new way to transmit and receive data, by creating what it claims is the first ever working antenna to be made out of seawater. Read More >>

Mitsubishi’s Remote Control Tankbot Is Yet Another Member of the Robot Clean-Up Crew Army

We may not have had the wide variety of radiation-resistant robots we needed before Fukushima, but we're certainly getting it now. Following Toshiba's four-legged dogbot, Mitsubishi is rolling out their own four-tredded tankbot that aims to fix up a disaster site without sending anyone in. Read More >>

Mitsubishi Thinks Curved Rear Projection Dashboards Are Just a Decade Away

Since LCD displays can't be easily curved, their use in vehicle dashboards has been very limited. So Mitsubishi is hoping the wraparound rear projection dashboard display used in their EMIRAI concept could see widespread use in just ten years. Read More >>