Guess I Didn’t Click on That StumbleUpon Button Enough, Because the Site Is Dead

Come 30th June, you will no longer be able to click on that little StumbleUpon icon to discover new websites. StumbleUpon is shutting down, and its makers are putting all their energy into founder Garret Camp’s other venture. No, not Uber, which he also also co-founded. But Mix. Read More >>

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Watching Paint Symmetrically Mix Itself is Surprisingly Fun

Because the globs of paint are mirrored to create a symmetrical effect and because it looks like the paint is mixing itself on its own without a palette knife, it’s sort of a trip to watch it all get thrown together, like if it was just magically plopping itself on top of each other in some sort of mesmerizing magical dance. [Annette Labedzki via Colossal] Read More >>