This CD DJ Deck Doesn’t Play CDs

You're looking at Pioneer's new XDJ-1000 DJ deck. What's special about it? It's the first deck of its kinds to, err, not play CDs. Read More >>

11 Amazing Soundboards For Your Listening Pleasure

Sure, singers sing and guitarists strum, but you owe just as much to the engineers behind the music as you do the musicians themselves. They may not get much time in the Grammy  or Mobo spotlight, but in honour of the mixers and shakers who make music worth listening to, here are 11 epic past and present soundboards, mixing consoles, and more. Read More >>

Get Your DJ Kicks On With Denon’s New MC2000 DJ Controller

Bedroom DJ's, embarrassing dads or those looking into getting into a bit of mixing and scratching can try flexing their hands with Denon's new MC2000 DJ controller that looks the part and won't entirely break the bank either. Read More >>

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Booze Legends: Debunking the Myths Every Drinker Believes

The world is rife with alcoholic lore. That's lore regarding alcohol, not told by alcoholics. Well, there's plenty of both. But what about all those rules we learned at uni? Beer before liquor, never been sicker. More bubbles, more buzz. Different kinds of drinks get you different kinds of drunk. In vino, veritas. For all the legends, there is a shortage of scientific data to confirm or challenge the conventional wisdom... until now! Read More >>

This iPad Mixing Desk Will Probably Get Me Into The Charts

There seems to be a rash of tech at the moment that's designed to integrate your iPad into a portable recording studio. This looks like one of the most exciting so far, though: I think it might even make me famous. Read More >>