Qualcomm’s New Mobile Chip Promises to Cut Back on Annoying Gaming Hiccups

If you’ve dabbled in mobile gaming, particularly more resource intensive titles like one of the many battle royale games out there, you know jank. It’s the slight hiccup, frame skip, or graphics lag that can sometimes mean the difference between an early exit and a chicken dinner (or perhaps a victory royale). Read More >>

Mad Catz C.T.R.L. i Review: A Serious Controller for Proper iOS Games

The promise of a MFi controller standard for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices was like a dream come true for Apple’s mobile gamers. While Android users could use workarounds to get a number of Bluetooth controllers working with their devices (even proper console pads in some cases), a standardised controller blueprint for iOS could turn Apple’s mobile platform into the true gaming giant it always threatened to become. Read More >>

How Tetris Helped Game Boy Take Over the World

Thirty years ago, Russian computer programmer Alexey Leonidovich Pajitnov created Tetris. Unveiled behind the Iron Curtain, the deceptively simple, maddeningly addictive game soon left the Soviet Union. It lived on dozens of platforms, but its Lennon-McCartney (Lenin-McCartney?) partner was Nintendo's Game Boy. And the duo defined modern mobile gaming as we know it. Read More >>

MOGA Controller Review: Android Gaming Just Got Way Better

Games on Android have gotten really, really good. With phones regularly packing in 1.5GHz quad-core processors and 2GB of RAM, the games are fast approaching console-quality. The one thing holding them back? Touchscreen controls aren't nearly as good as a handheld controller. The MOGA Mobile Gaming System aims to kill that. With a head-shot. Read More >>