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Ofcom Wants To Let You Dump Your Mobile Provider By Text

Switching mobile networks isn't especially hard right now, but Ofcom wants to make it even easier and even more suitable for those of us who hate speaking to human beings on phones. The proposed system will allow you to dump your current mobile provider by text. Your jilted provider will then text you a code, which you can give to your new bae to pick up an exciting new relationship. Read More >>

EE Has 10 Million 4G Customers

They say that in technology, being first is everything. Given the current state of the UK's highly competitive smartphone user market, we'd have to agree. Read More >>

Get a Free SIM on the Three Network With This “Ditch the Contract” Deal of the Day

Since Ovivo vanished unexpectedly, there'll be a good number of people on the lookout for another mobile deal. Presumably, it'll be entirely made up of those with second phones because they're having an affair, or ringing up bars and asking for "Hugh Janus" and the like. Read More >>

ASA Gives Three a Slap on the Wrist Over “3.9G” Adverts

The Three network has got itself into hot water with the Advertising Standards Agency, after rival network EE claimed the "3.9G" branding of Three's "Ultrafast" DC-HSPDA mobile connection was misleading. Read More >>

Virgin Mobile Spits Out a Cheapo All-You-Can-Eat Data Plan

The unlimited mobile data wars are starting to hot up. First we had Three's "One Plan", then T-mobile's "Full Monty", and now Virgin's stepped into the ring too with a £25-a-month all-you-can-eat "Premiere" tariff. Read More >>

T-Mobile Jacks Up Its Contract Prices and There’s No Escape

Following in the footsteps of its Everything Everywhere partner, we shouldn’t be surprised to find T-Mobile’s jacking up its prices too, and again, you can’t get out of your contract because of it either. Read More >>

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Shocker: People Really Didn’t Like Orange Jacking-Up Its Prices

For the first time in a while, Three hasn’t topped the most complained-about league table – this quarter it’s Orange. According to Ofcom it’s all because people really didn’t appreciate getting their bills hiked-up without the option to quit. Read More >>