What Even Is Cash Anymore?

Laundry days are the worst. Not because I hate doing laundry – I love warm, fluffy, clean clothes – but because I need cold hard cash to use the machines at my local 24-hour laundromat. Legitimately, I’ve sat here for 20 minutes trying to think of anything besides laundry that I regularly use actual cash for. I got nada. Read More >>

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How to Set Up Your Phone to Buy (Almost) Everything Without Cash

Mobile payments are the future, so we’re told. Apple, Google, and Android all want you surviving on nothing but their products—your financial data safely stored on an NFC chip inside. While not every store supports it, most of them do, and more are being added regularly. Same with the banks. We’ve run though everything, from which banks and stores support smartphone pay to which app to use. So read on so you can stop reaching for your wallet every time you want a coffee. Read More >>

I Don’t Need More Ways to Pay For Shit

Google announced in a blog post yesterday that it would start testing out its new payment service, Hands Free, in the South Bay region outside San Francisco. Read More >>

There’s Smartphone-Powered Shop in Sweden With No Human Cashiers

We all know robots are coming for our jobs, but smartphones could soon be carrying the career-slaying torch as well. A small shop in Sweden only has one employee — the smartphone in your pocket — and it’s always working, 24-7. Read More >>

Why Visa Having a Developer Platform Actually Matters

A very dull press release from Visa has announced an actually important thing: the world’s largest payment processing network is opening up to developers. Yawn all you like, but this is big news. Read More >>

Why Don’t We Have Apple Pay Yet? Fussy Banks May be to Blame

It's been about six months since Apple launched its iPhone-based mobile payment service Apple Pay over in the US, but, despite a number of leaks, an international rollout has yet to materialise. As it turns out, the banks may be to blame. Read More >>

Visa: Apple Pay, Bio-Hacking, Privacy and Protecting Your Money

The way we handle our money is changing. From NFC cards to contactless wearable payments, we've more ways to spend our hard earned moolah than ever before in history. And, with digital payments potentially as vulnerable as stuffing your month's wages into a burlap sack under your mattress, there's an ever-increasing need to protect our pay packets in ever-more elaborate ways. Read More >>

Samsung Pay Might Finally Let You Ditch Your Wallet

Mobile payments are here, the adoption of Apple Pay is evidence enough. But Samsung thinks it can do smartphone payments even better (of course), and that's why they've created Samsung Pay, a tech team up that will make mobile payments more accessible than ever. Read More >>

Samsung Wants to Replace Your Credit Cards With These Clever Magnets

Your next Samsung Galaxy smartphone could have a neat trick up its sleeves. Just place your phone next to any ol' credit card reader, and press a button to pay. That's because Samsung has announced that it's buying LoopPay—a company that figured out how to trick magnetic stripe readers to accept your money wirelessly. Read More >>

After Three Weeks, Apple Pay Is Already Transforming How We Buy Things

For years, tech companies like Google and Barclaycard have tried to get the world's consumers to adopt NFC-powered payment platforms, and the public take-up has been steady yet slow. But now that Apple Pay has graced millions of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users in the US with NFC purchasing powers, things are beginning to change in a big way – and really everyone is a winner. Read More >>

The Horrible No Good Apple Pay War No One Signed Up For

Earlier this week, Giz US published a walkthrough of the stridently awful Apple Pay alternative being cooked up by US retail chains including, but not restricted to, Walmart, CVS, and Best Buy. It is dumb, bad and got hacked yesterday, but as a recent New York Times report indicates, it's also not going anywhere any time soon, although not because anyone necessarily wants it. For the UK, waiting for its payment deals to be put in place, it's a fascinating beta test to watch. Read More >>

Pay for Shopping at Asda and Sainsbury’s With Your Phone in 2015

With Apple Pay lurking just over the horizon, waiting to devour a bourgeoning mobile payments market, time is running out for smaller mobile money managers to gain a steady footing. Mobile payment platform Zapp has sured up its defences today, announcing that a number of leading UK retailers will use its technology from 2015 to process payments. Read More >>