Cambridge Engineers are Teaching Phones to Think Like Autonomous Cars

A team of researchers from Cambridge University is borrowing some of the techniques used in autonomous vehicles to teach your phone to navigate, even when it doesn’t have access to positioning information like a GPS signal. Read More >>

What Police Can Learn From a Terrorist’s Discarded Mobile Phone

The dramatic raid on an apartment in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis that left two dead and eight arrested followed the discovery of a mobile phone by police that was discarded by the terrorists who days earlier had launched their bloody attack. It’s understood that the data police were able to extract from the phone led them to the apartment where others of the gang were hiding. Read More >>

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Watch 30 Years of Mobile Phone Come Together as a Digital Orchestra

What do you get if you take 30 mobile phones and four pagers from across the last 30 years, and wire them together with a sound system? An oddly catchy bit of music is what. Read More >>

A Gold-Coloured HTC One?

A gold-coloured HTC One part has come to light in China. The start of a new trend, perhaps? Read More >>

The Mobile Phone Turns 40 Today

Forty years ago today, senior Motorola engineer Marty Cooper made one very important phone call. From midtown Manhattan, Marty called Joel Engel, then the head of rival research department Bell Labs. When Joel picked up, Marty uttered something rather unexpected: "Joel, this is Marty. I'm calling you from a cellphone, a real handheld portable cellphone." Read More >>

Sony All But Announces Its Flagship New Monster-Phones

CES is so close we can almost touch it, but Sony seems to have jumped the gun a little, leaking official press shots of the two phone/phablet things it's probably going to debut in Las Vegas next week. Steady on there boys, just a week more to wait. Read More >>

Leaked Shots of Sony’s New 1080p 5-Inch Super-Phone — Phablets, Watch Out

It looks like a prototype version of Sony's upcoming new flagship phone, the Xperia Yuga, might have leaked into the wild. A Russian site claims to have got their meaty paws on one, and have published photos to prove it. It's gotta be said, this looks like one serious beast. Read More >>

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Virgin Media Cock-Up Spikes Data Bills For Irate Mobile Customers

Virgin Media customers were just a little bit unhappy, after they were wrongly charged for phantom mobile data that they didn't actually use. It all boils down to a good old system error balls-up, apparently, but shows you've got to watch your bill like a hawk each month. Read More >>

Someone’s Trying to Buy Everything Everywhere For £8 Billion

The UK's largest mobile phone network could end up getting sold off, if rumours of an £8bn buyout hold any water. Apparently a couple of private equity firms, lead by an ex-Everything Everywhere executive, are looking to take over the network, which could lead to EE disappearing from the UK's airwaves. Read More >>

How Did Samsung Keep The Galaxy SIII Secret?

Apple can't seem to keep its new phones under wraps to save its life: there are leaked images; phones left in bars -- you name it, and an Apple employee has done it. So how the hell did Samsung keep the SIII a secret? Read More >>