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UK Consumers Think Refurbished Phones are a Neat Idea Now That New Ones Cost More Than a Car

It seems that the extortionate price tags slapped on new phones these days is finally getting out of hand enough for the second-hand phone market to start turning people's heads. Read More >>

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This Wired Article From 2007 About Throwing Away Your Mobile Phone Makes Some Good Points

Everyone gets frustrated with their mobile phones at some point, leading many of us to fantasise about throwing our shit into the ocean and just living without one. And back in the ancient world of 2007, that was a much more reasonable possibility. A Wired article from July 31, 2007 made the case that there were plenty of good reasons to ditch your phone. Many of those reasons still apply today. Read More >>

Samsung Confuses Everyone Over S11 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S11 rumours have been heating up but a new piece of information suggests some predictions, like the addition of a Galaxy S11 Lite, have been a bit off. Read More >>

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Ofcom Confirm Scousers Love a Chinwag

The people of Liverpool spend more time talking on their mobile than those in other major British cities. Read More >>

Google Pixel 4: All The Facts And Leaks So Far

We're still a few months out from when Google will most likely unveil the Google Pixel 4. Read More >>

IFA 2019: The Energizer Phones Are Back Baby

The massive Energizer phone that debuted at MWC earlier this year didn't do so well when it came to crowdfunding. But that doesn't mean that it's game over for the brand in the mobile space. Read More >>

Huawei Announces Mate 30 Launch Date And We Have No Idea What To Expect

Despite potentially lacking Android and almost-definitely lacking Google apps, Huawei has announced the launch of its Mate 30 series. Read More >>

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11 Of The Worst Mobile Phone Names

Last week a fresh iPhone 11 leak suggested that the new series would have a rather dire set of names. Read More >>

Oppo Reno 5G Review: Its Shark Fin Pop-Up Camera is a Gimmick But We Love It

Oppo recently entered the 5G game by releasing its Reno 5G. Read More >>

Oppo’s Reno Z Challenges Pixel With Its High-End Vibe

Oppo continue to the be the gift that keeps on giving in the smartphone industry. Read More >>

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O2 Priority is Relaunching With a Load of Discounts and Freebies to Entertain You This Summer

The free O2 Priority service that offers a bunch of exclusive deals to the mobile network's customers is back with more exclusives, free things, and discounts. Read More >>

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Leak Reveals Hot Quad Camera Design

We're taking a short break from the multitude of Google Pixel 4 leaks to bring you something from Huawei. Read More >>

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O2 Announces Plans to Stop Treating Customers Like Shit and We Hope Other Networks Follow Suit [UPDATED]

O2 has announced that it'll be splitting off from the herd of other mobile network operators and stop being dicks to its customers. Read More >>

RIP Samsung Galaxy Note Headphone Jack

Well folks, we may finally be at the end of the road. Read More >>