The Google Pixel 3 Has No Notch, But Google Wanted One

The Google Pixel 3 XL has a massive notch – that black bit that houses the cameras and speaker at the top of the phone, that eats into a bit of the screen. They're not uncommon, with many modern handsets sporting one. It means the phone can have more screen real estate, without having to allow for a thicker bezel at the top of a phone. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have “Very Significant” Changes

According to the CEO of Samsung's mobile division, DJ Koh, the company's next handset, the Galaxy S10, will be getting "very significant" changes to its design. Read More >>

Samsung Teases a Four-Lens Camera With ‘4x Fun’ Event

Today, Samsung has released an invitation for an event that's taking place on 11th October. The invitations are pretty sparse on detail. With a bold '4x fun' header, the invite confirms the invitation is for the launch event of the next Galaxy device. Read More >>

EE is Converting 3G Airwaves to 4G For Better Connections

Today, mobile network EE has announced that it will be converting its 3G airwaves into a 4G signal that will allow for higher mobile internet speeds and better reliability for its users. Read More >>

O2 Now Lets You Design Your Own Custom Tariff

Today, O2 has launched a brand new service: O2 custom plans. Rather than having set pay monthly packages with a fixed monthly price and fixed amount of data, the idea is to let customers tailor their plan exactly to their tastes. You can choose the handset you want, how much you'd like to pay up front, how many months you want the contract to last for, and how much data you'd like to be included in it. Read More >>

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A Leaked Image Reveals Sony Xperia XZ3’s Four Colours

If the internet is good for one thing, it's leaks. It's expected to be unveiled later this week during IFA, but thanks to a leaked image spotted by, we've had a glimpse of the Sony Xperia XZ3 – and the four colours it's allegedly going to be released in. Read More >>

CAT S61 Review: A Well-Rounded Rugged Phone, With a Hefty Pricetag

In this day and age, smartphones feel like they cost the Earth. The big names all seem to be loaded with gimmicks, and still seem as fragile as a champagne glass in an opera house. Then you have rugged phones, which are hardier and more durable, but are often overlooked because their primary focus is trade workers and people who need a phone capable of handling more dangerous situations. Read More >>

A New Report Links Mobile Phone Radiation to Cancer in Rats, but It’s No Smoking Gun

On Friday, America's National Toxicology Program (NTP), a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services, threw fresh kindling onto the smouldering debate over whether mobile phones are harmful to our health. It released two draft reports on its extensive, expensive efforts to study the effects of mobile phone radiation on both mice and rats. The verdict was decidedly mixed. Read More >>

Science Says Pokemon Go Really Has Made a Positive Difference to Our Health

Since Pokemon Go's launch in July last year, the Augmented Reality phenomenon has been downloaded over 750 million times and made more than £900 million. That's not a typo. While more than 80 per cent of players (myself included) haven't opened the app in months, 60 million people are still playing today. Read More >>

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The OnePlus 5 Is the New Android iPhone Ripoff – in a Very Good Way

The OnePlus employees seemed a little annoyed when I asked how they felt about people comparing its new device to an iPhone. Sure, both phones feature dual camera designs. Yes, the OnePlus 5 has curves that look a lot like an Apple product. Ugh, fine, it’s a really good phone, too. What’s the big deal? Read More >>

We Were Wrong About Limiting Children’s Screen Time

How much time should kids be allowed to stare into their screens like zombies? New guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics upturns conventional thinking on the matter, showing that a sweeping one-size-fits-all approach is not the right way for parents to go about limiting their children’s screen time. Read More >>

Eastern Lowland Gorillas Are Now Critically Endangered Thanks to Your Stupid Phone

The eastern lowland gorilla—the largest member of the great ape family—is now officially listed as a critically endangered species, according to data presented today by conservationists. These iconic apes have been in steady decline since the 1990s, the indirect result of our insatiable desire for mobile phones and other technological gadgets. Read More >>

What Would an EU Brexit Mean for Mobile Roaming Fees?

As Britain prepares to go to the polls to decide its future in Europe, perhaps one of the most persuasive arguments that the Remain campaign has on its side is the one about mobile roaming charges. Forget all of the abstract complexities about how much Britain pays in, or what membership does to the economy - roaming charges are something consumers understand, because we all have to deal with them whenever we go abroad. Read More >>

Every Phone Sold in India Will Soon Have a Panic Button For Women’s Safety

In an attempt to promote women’s safety, every single mobile phone sold in India from 2017 onward must include a panic button, the country’s Ministry of Communications and Technology announced on Monday. Read More >>

This £12 EE 4G SIM-Only Deal is Perfect for Anyone Mourning Three UK’s The One Plan

If, like me, you've been a Three UK customer for many years, tied to its super-attractive SIM-only One Plan (unlimited data, more texts and minutes than you know what to do with for between £15 and £25, depending on when you signed up), you're probably going through a period of mourning. You'll have recently been informed that Three is ditching the plan as it "updates" its offering to meet the current market. Read More >>