location tracking
How Location Tracking Works on Your Phone in 2020

How phones track location is changing – if you’ve upgraded to the latest Android 10 or iOS 13 updates, you may have noticed more prompts around what apps can do with data about your whereabouts. Here’s what those new prompts mean, and how you can get your phone’s location tracking settings set up in a way that you’re comfortable with. Read More >>

The Best Apps for Customising Your Android Phone

One of the reasons for choosing Android over iOS is the extra customisation options you get – you can really dive deep when it comes to tweaking the appearance of Android, pixel-by-pixel, and there are a huge number of apps around to help. Make use of some or all of these to give your Android device a whole new look. Read More >>

The Best Apps to Help You Get to Sleep

You may well use your phone to help you get out of bed in the morning, but have you tried using it to get to sleep? A plethora of apps are ready and waiting to bathe your bedroom in all kinds of music and sounds, and many of them come with a built-in sleep timer that means you don’t have to leave them playing all night. These are our favourites. Read More >>

How to Customise the Gestures on Your Android Phone

The way that you get around Google-powered phones is changing, with Android 10 ushering in a new button-less, iPhone-esque gestures approach for going back, going home, and bringing up recent apps with swipes. Fortunately if you don’t like this evolution in Android navigation, you do have options for changing it. Read More >>

How to Measure Almost Anything Using Your Phone

Your phone can do it all. It’s a portable music player, diary, digital camera, communication device, calculator and just about everything else. But you might not have considered that it can also replace your measuring tape. With the right sensors on board and the right apps installed, you can measure more data with your phone than you might think. Read More >>

social media
How to Build Alternative, Better, Social Media Feeds

If you can scroll through your social media feeds without coming across at least a handful of posts you’d rather not have seen, consider yourself in the minority. Most of us deal with this on a near-daily basis. But mass unfollowing people – friends, colleagues, family members – isn’t always an option. We’re here to tell you that there is another way. Read More >>

The 20 Best Mobile Games You Probably Have Not Played Yet

Your smartphone is a pretty decent gaming machine, which you might forget about when streaming videos, sending emails, or taking photos. In the last two years alone, 20 amazing games have launched on Android and iOS (or both). Read More >>

The Amazon Website Is a Clunky Mess – Here’s How to Make It Suck Less

For an enterprise as big and as dominant as Amazon is, you would expect its website to be maybe a little bit more polished and easier to navigate – as it is, it feels like 20 years’ worth of bits of web code bolted rather haphazardly together. While we wait for Amazon to do a ground-up revamp, here’s how to make your shopping a little easier. Read More >>

Police Ask for Ban on Sale of PAYG SIMs to the Anonymous

The easy purchasing of PAYG mobiles and SIMs is making it way too easy for criminals to phone each other up and organise heists, bank robberies and so on, to such an extent that the police thinks the over-the-counter sale of casual connections without thorough ID checks beforehand ought to be banned. Read More >>

Apple’s iPhone XR Won’t Play Nice With O2

If you're an iPhone XR user on O2 and your connection has been squiffy lately, it's not just you: Apple and O2 have confirmed the smartphone isn't working properly on Britain's second most popular mobile network. Read More >>

9 Improvements We Want to See in iOS 14 and Android 11

In 2019, Apple pushed out iOS 13 and Google launched Android 10 – both polished, mature mobile operating systems that offer just about every feature you could want... or do they? We’ve got some ideas about how Apple and Google might go further with these OSes in 2020. Read More >>

How to Lock Down Your Phone So Only Certain People Can Reach You

We could all use a break from the constant flurry of phone notifications that roll in every day, but there’s always the worry that we’re going to miss something important – an urgent call from a family member, maybe. The answer is Do Not Disturb, which will block incoming alerts from everyone except a select few contacts. Read More >>

consumer tech
12 Things to Do to Your Friends’ and Family’s Tech to Get Them to Stop Bothering You

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the time when you get to tackle a year’s worth of tech troubles in just one visit to the home of a relative. If you’re the designated IT expert in your branch of the family, here’s how to pass on the most useful advice in the quickest time possible, so you can get back to enjoying yourself. Read More >>

How to Share Internet Between Your Devices When You’re Away From Home

In an ideal world, you’ll connect all of your devices up to fast, free-flowing wifi wherever you happen to be, but away from home you’ll often run into restrictions: maybe only a certain number of devices can be connected per user, or maybe wired Ethernet access is free but wifi comes at a premium. Read More >>

apple tv
How to Watch Apple TV+ If You Haven’t Got an Apple TV

The trusty Apple TV box is the most obvious device for watching Apple TV+ on – but if you don’t have one of the black boxes, then there are other ways to tune into The Morning Show, The Servant, For All Mankind, Dickinson and all the other shows Apple is pumping out. Here’s how to watch Apple TV+ (almost) everywhere. Read More >>