ces 2019
CES 2019: Mobileye And Ordnance Survey Team Up On Mega-Detailed UK Maps

Intel company Mobileye has announced a partnership with mapping authority Ordnance Survey to create super-detailed maps of UK roads, down to things like where the manholes and drain covers are. Read More >>

Intel Jumps Up and Down Shouting ‘We’re Here Too’ With $15.3 Billion Mobileye Acquisition

Intel just plunked down $15.3 billion for Mobileye, a leading manufacturer of sensors and cameras for autonomous cars, as it tries to catch up with microchip rivals Nvidia and Qualcomm in the driverless car industry. Read More >>

Tesla Attacks Former Supplier

The battle is on. Tesla is accusing Mobileye, a former supplier, of blocking the development of its own proprietary vision system used in the Autopilot driver-assistance feature. Read More >>

Autopilot Supplier Ends Relationship With Tesla Over Safety Concerns

Mobileye is breaking up with Tesla. The Israel-based company helps Tesla build its Autopilot driver assistance systems, but on Thursday the company’s chairman said Tesla was “pushing the envelope in terms of safety” and discontinued its relationship with the automaker. Read More >>