Make GTA V Even More Insane With These 10 Mad Mods

The Grand Theft Auto series on PC has always been a haven for modders. Perhaps its the ability to create endless chaos that appeals. Maybe it's the notion of playing God for a bit in a city devoid of morals. Whatever it is, the recently released Grand Theft Auto V PC edition has already produced quite a few worthwhile mods for those who like their entertainment a little left of the dial. If Trevor's antics are a little tame for your unhinged tastes, give this selection of these truly insane mods a whirl. Once you've found the ones you like, head here to download them. Read More >>

Modders Flood GTA V and Create an Insane “Car Gun”

Grand Theft Auto V has offered modders heaps of opportunities to tinker about in Los Santos, creating everything from personalised licence plates to gravity guns to the ability to dress up as a cop and fight crime without getting a Wanted level. Read More >>

What The New Steam Workshop Paid-For Mod Options Mean for PC Gamers

Throughout the years, one of the key advantages to PC gaming was that you weren't restricted to sticking with the game the manufacturers released. It was easy to acquire and install mods that would change the game in certain ways. There's been a change in the world of PC modding now however as Steam has announced it will be letting modders charge people to download their wares. What does this mean for gamers? Read More >>

The Ultimate Combo Console — PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in One Box

Long-time hardware modder Ben Heck is finally yielding to public demand, creating a hybrid ultra-mega home console containing a PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in the same box. And he's filming himself doing it. Read More >>

Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition
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Who Said Princess Peach Can’t Be the Heroine?

Why is it that the Princess is always the one who needs saving? Why can't she bust down doors, slam goombas, and fight off the evils of DK? Well, now she can thanks to the hacking of a Dad for his daughter. Meet Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition, where Mario's gone and gotten himself kidnapped, and it's all up to Peach to teach that evil DK a lesson. Read More >>

Google Releases Generic Factory Image Reset for Galaxy Nexus

Here's something unusual and of interest to any custom OS users out there -- Google has made available a full, clean, original factory image for the Galaxy Nexus. It's a total reset and reinstall for the convenience of modding fans. Read More >>