Artist Recreates A380 With Nothing But Paper and Pure Skill

Singapore Airlines commissioned Luca Iaconi-Stewart to build this paper model airplane of its Airbus A380. The seats do everything the real one do, to the extent that Economy seats differ to Premium Economy; Business Class and First Class look suitably fancy. This may be the closest we get to seeing the suites of Singapore Airlines, savour it. Read More >>

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This Must be the Coolest City Model Ever Made

Chris Burden says his amazing Metropolis II—a gigantic retrofuturistic city model where thousands of slot cars race forever—is not just a city model. Of course it's not. It's a goddamn-amazing-Jesus-Christ-look-at-that city model. Metropolis II is now almost finished and it looks glorious in this new short by Henry & Rel. Read More >>

This May be the Coolest Toy in the World

Believe it or not, this guy is not human. It's part of what may be the coolest toy in the world, which costs as much as a car. Read More >>

The Awesome NASA Passenger Plane That Wants to Kill the Sonic Boom

NASA and its partners keep making progress in their quest to design a new passenger airliner that can fly supersonic without making a lot of noise, one of the main problems with the Concorde. And that progress looks space-age awesome. Read More >>

Can’t Afford a Real Classic American Muscle Car? Print One Out Instead

That’s what one man who was forced to flog his prized possession, a classic 1969 Ford Mustang, for a diamond engagement ring, thought. He rebuilt the car entirely out of printed-paper and PVA glue, just like a massive 3D jigsaw. Read More >>

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This Is What Happens When Barbie Dolls Turn Into Meth Heads

I love these amazing, ultra-realistic model photography series by the very talented Carrie Becker: Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse. I imagine this happening in an alternative universe where Ken leaves her after she turns into a meth head following years of alcohol and coke abuse. Read More >>