Tate Modern’s Switch Gallery and Concrete Tanks Open for Business on Friday

London's Tate Modern is about to expand into an all-new building, with the Switch House -- a wonky but engaging highrise lump built behind the existing Thameside gallery site -- opening to the public this Friday. Read More >>

Why Settle For Rooms When You Can Have a Whole Town Inside Your House?

It's one thing to have a spacious home, it's another to have a whole indoor suburb. "House K" does the latter, and puts a weird new spin on the townhouse by having its own little town inside its walls. Read More >>

You Can Hang This Bendy Modern Pocketwatch Anywhere

Besides the use of weatherproof materials like silicone that make Lexon's new Take Time pocketwatch extra durable, its ultra-flexible strap with a loop on the end lets you hang it from wherever you might need to keep an eye on the time. Read More >>

A Hidden Pool Table for the Modern Bachelor

There are few things that scream bachelor pad more than a pool table. And even the skeeviest single guy knows you gotta eventually class it up. That's why this pool table by Fusiontable is so perfect. It's a modern dining table with a hidden, convertible pool table underneath. Business in the front, party in the back. Read More >>