We May Yet Get A Modular Google Phone

Modular phones were a big thing for a short time, with Google's Project Ara being the one we were most excited about. However, after LG's efforts with the G5 fell flat, Lenovo failed to make anything much of Moto Mods and Project Ara was shelved, our hopes for a Lego phone were dashed. Read More >>

Moto Z2 Force Still Has Those Sad Mods, But Maybe the Phone Will Be Good This Time

Motorola stands alone. Last year LG and Google both killed their respective modular phones. So the new Moto Z2 Force, with its small array of magnetic attachments, is the closest thing we have to a smartphones with customisable modular hardware. No one actually wants this, but that’s not stopping Motorola from doubling down and insisting that the modular phone’s time has arrived. Read More >>

Nobody Wants a Modular Smartphone

Google has reportedly killed its long-delayed, much-hyped modular smartphone initiative, Project Ara. I say good riddance. Read More >>

This Concept Gives Superpowers to Old Modular Phone Parts

Modular phones are a popular idea right now, even if they're currently failing to deliver on their promise. But there's already a suggestion about what could happen to parts from modular phones, when they're no longer wanted: they could simply slide together to form a supercomputer. Read More >>

The Best Look at Google’s Ara Smartphone Yet

Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP), which Google nabbed from Motorola nearly a year ago in its sale to Lenovo, has been hard at work with Google trying to make the future. Read More >>

Watch Google Spill the Latest Details On Its Modular Phone Right Now

Google's second developer conference for Project Ara, its futuristic modular phone initiative is happening right now in Mountain View. There's going to be a repeat of sorts in Singapore next week, but no matter where you are in the world, you can watch it on YouTube. Right now… Read More >>