E. Coli Bacteria Made This Image of the Mona Lisa

Scientists created this picture of the Mona Lisa using genetically modified E. coli bacteria. Such teeny little artists! Read More >>

Masterpiece Scratching Posts Let Your Cats Destroy Priceless Works of Art

At just shy of £135 each, these Copycat Art Scratchers are an expensive way for your cat to stay entertained while you’re at work all day. But, relatively speaking, they’re a lot cheaper than your cat destroying an actual priceless piece of artwork like da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, or Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. Read More >>

French Scientist Claims the “Real” Mona Lisa Lies Hidden Under the Famous Painting

After a decade of work, French scientist Pascal Cotte claims there are hidden portraits underneath the Mona Lisa, including one of a distinctly different woman. Art experts are sceptical. Read More >>

We’re Getting Closer to Finding Mona Lisa’s Skeleton

Researchers who've been hunting for Mona Lisa's skeleton are now opening up a family tomb in hopes of confirming Mona Lisa's existence. They want to confirm that bones they found last year under a convent are the remains of Lisa Gherardini. The family tomb they're cracking open is the resting place for Gherardini's two sons and husband. DNA testing would confirm their relation. Read More >>

CSS Mona Lisa Turns Your Browser Into the Louvre

Using over 7,500 lines of code, hacker/artist Jay Salvat created this surprisingly detailed reproduction of da Vinci's Mona Lisa with nothing but cascading style sheets. It's about as modern as modern art can get. Read More >>

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This Optical Illusion That Blends the Mona Lisa With Manga Will Blow Your Mind

We’ve seen some cracking optical illusions recently, but while this one won’t make you feel sick, take a step back (several metres) from your monitor and look at the Mona Lisa. On the right you have the original. Mirrored on the left you have Mona littered with a sticker from the 1990s. Can you still see the sticker though? Read More >>

Does This Mona Lisa Pre-Date Da Vinci’s?

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is, arguably, the most famous painting in the world. But would it be devalued if it wasn't the original? We might soon find out, because a very similar painting from the same period has surfaced — and it's by a different artist. Read More >>