Gardener in Suffolk Finally Claims £1m Euromillions Jackpot After Forgetting About His Ticket For a Month

We've all had memory lapses at one time or another. Be it ruining the Sunday roast because you forget to turn off the oven, or leaving your other half waiting at the train station for an hour because the latest episode of Rick & Morty obliterated your memory banks, it's easy to forget stuff. Then again, failing to remember to check a £1m Euromillions ticket really is next level forgetfulness. Read More >>

John Lewis Launches In-Store Sleepovers to Test the Beds

If you're in the place in life where you shop at John Lewis -- congratulations. The process is about to get a lot easier too, as the chain has launched a series of in-store apartments where you can literally live the John Lewis dream. Read More >>

Liverpool’s Own Digital Currency Keeps Banks Out of the Loop

Local currency expert Colu is trying to kick the banks out of small communities and businesses across the country, with its app-only digital currency popping up all over the place -- and in the form of the hyperlocal Local Pound Liverpool. Read More >>

The New £10 Note is Now in Circulation

The new-fangled plastic £10 note to match last year's new fivers is now in circulation. Don't throw your old ones away just yet though — they're legal tender until Spring 2018. Read More >>

Bank Boss Says Bitcoin’s a Scam Doomed to Crash

The boss of banking firm JP Morgan isn't exactly convinced that Bitcoin is anything more than a minor bubble, suggesting that the cryptocurrency is doomed -- and should only be used by criminals anyway. Read More >>

Weather Forecasters Share £1m for Being More Right Than Usual

Staff at the Met Office are all a bit richer today, on average, thanks to a bonus shared among staff for being quite accurate with their weather forecasts and hitting in-house accuracy goals. Read More >>

Alton Towers Sells Old Art, Signs and Log Flume Boats

Ever wanted your own log flume? That dream can come true now, subject to local planning approval, as theme park Alton Towers is selling off some of its outdated stock of log flume boats. Read More >>

It’s Safer to Keep the Contactless Limit at £30, says London Police Chief

It's been two years since the contactless payment limit rose from £20 to £30, but Commissioner Ian Dyson, the current head of London's police, doesn't think it should go any higher; citing concerns over a potential rise in card fraud if it did. Read More >>

John Lewis Has an App for Talking to Tradesmen

John Lewis, the shop, is moving into home maintenance. This is great news for the likes of us, as it means we might finally be able to book a tradesman to fix something minor without having to use the phone and admit, verbally, to not being very handy with such things. Read More >>

Businesses Send Perfectly Good £1 Coins to the Smelter

The effort to replace the nation's £1 coins with other £1 coins isn't going entirely to plan, as it seems that some businesses are failing to be bothered enough to sort them out properly before sending the old coins back to be melted away.  Some of the shiny new ones are being returned in with the battered old ones from 1983. Read More >>

BA Flyer Charged Double for “Strong” Cup of Tea

A loophole that's presumably been in place for decades has finally made a profit for British Airways, after the airline charged a passenger double the usual price for a cup of tea because he requested an extra strong cup. Read More >>

Northerners Schedule Day of Complaining About Rubbish Trains

People who suffer on the rail network in the north of the country are being urged to take part in a coordinated mass moaning session, orchestrated by a think-tank that says the top two-thirds of the country needs a £59bn investment to get its rail infrastructure up the the level of the south. Read More >>

Theresa May’s Former Adviser Has Slammed University Tuition Fees as an “Unsustainable Ponzi Scheme”

If you want to go to university in the UK you have to pay for it, unless you're Scottish studying in Scotland. That means getting a loan from Student Finance to pay for everything. The government being the government thinks this is a wonderful idea, but one of Theresa May's former advisers has dubbed the current system an 'unavoidable ponzi scheme'. Read More >>

12,000 Argos Workers Due a Minimum Wage Payout

Something good is about to happen to people who work for Argos for a change, as the retailer has been outed as the UK's worst staff under-payer -- meaning around 12,000 of its employees are about to get a share of the payback kitty. Read More >>

Ireland Says the EU isn’t Justified Asking Apple for €13 Billion in Taxes

Corporations are people. That's what we get told. But unlike actual people they somehow manage to get away with paying what seems like a very small amount of tax. Actual people don't like this, even though the companies themselves furiously defend what appear to be obvious tax-avoidance schemes.  Apple is no different, though it seems to have an ally in the form of Ireland's finance minister. Read More >>