I Threw Away £3.7 Million In Bitcoin

Five years ago, I threw away a hard drive. An utterly generic 250GB portable hard drive, already a few years old, with a couple of dings and scratches in its shell and with the beginnings of an audible click that would have eventually killed it. Read More >>

UK Gamblers Gave Away £13.8bn Last Year

Figures assembled by the Gambling Commission show either what a great or terrible job it's doing, with British gamblers spending, losing or giving away an enormous total of £13.8bn in one year. No wonder everyone's so poor these days that the knees are all ripped and worn away on their trousers. Read More >>

Travelex Kills Its Fee-Free Supercard

Travelex offered its fee-free Supercard to keen travellers as a way to avoid steep charges when paying for things abroad. If you've been away then you will be aware that you get charged a one-off fee by your card company, as well as an exchange rate conversion which usually doesn't work in your favour. Read More >>

BBC to Tighten Rules on Free TV for Old People

The BBC has come up with a plan that could earn it an extra £150m a year in license fee income, and the good news is that it attacks those freeloading old people with their pensions and their questionable opinions about people from overseas. Read More >>

Samsung Pay Has Finally Arrived in the UK

Samsung Pay first arrived back in August 2015 when it launched in Korea. A US launch followed a month later, and now, nearly two years later, it's finally arrived in the UK. Read More >>

NHS Nurses Line up Ballot to Push for Future Strikes

The Royal College of Nursing is taking its members into new territory with the threat of strike action in the future, with a vote on the possibility of strikes winning a large majority. Read More >>

Reddit Users Lose Real Money After Meme Currency Bot Dies

Another day, another cryptocurrency clusterfuck. This week, the creator of the tipping bot “dogetipbot”—a service that let Reddit users “tip” each other in Dogecoin—announced that his company is broke, he’s broke, and the bot is broke because he spent all the coins, after he himself ran out of money. Read More >>

Morrisons is Discounting Wonky Avocados, Because People are Stupid

Avocados are one of the 'in' foods at the moment, a period of time that also happens to coincide with a decreased supply caused by bad weather and worker strikes. Morrisons is attempting to meet demand by sourcing 'wonky' avocados that would otherwise go to waste, and selling them for a third of the price. Read More >>

Don’t Use the New Fivers to Snort Drugs, Unless You Want to Get ‘Winstoned’

Snorting drugs with a rolled up bank note is a tradition that's been with us for as long as bank notes and casual drug use have been around. But these new plastic fivers are putting a damper on things, with cocaine users finding themselves getting 'Winstoned'. Read More >>

People are Having Fun in Their Old Clothes

Spending statistics that watch what we spend our meagre casual salaries on appear to show a shift in the very fabric of modern consumerism, with the people moving away from buying clothes and gadgetry nonsense in favour of spending money on "experiences" with friends and family. Read More >>

Beware of Men Bearing Dead Squirrels

A man is doing the rounds of Tunbridge Wells with a dead squirrel in his bag, a dead squirrel he's using as a prop to scam home owners into paying out big money for unnecessary repair jobs to their properties. Read More >>

People are Buying Cloned Cars on eBay and Being Conned out of Thousands

Cloned cars are a thing, they say, and they're being offered for sale on auction site eBay, where buyers might end up purchasing something that's been stolen and therefore lose all their money when the police and original owners turn up to get it back. Read More >>

70% Of People With Over $1M “Don’t Feel Rich”

What would it take to make you feel rich? Not in a bollocks Pinteresty "the laughter of children is richer than the finest gold" sense, but in an actual, proper, monetary sense? If you had to put a figure on it, what does being rich mean to you? Read More >>

England’s Paper Fiver Dies Today

Today's the day that the previous, vegan version of the Bank of England's five pound note ceases to be legal tender, with on-the-ball shops likely to refuse to take them from now on if you try to pay for your sad meal deal with one. Read More >>

Old People Value Money Less Than The Young, Despite Hoarding It All

Less than 10% of over-60s say they think money is the key to a happy life, which is no doubt vexing to the quarter of young adults who said the same – since the former has all of it. Read More >>