Lost £30,000 Violin Returned to Owner by Cash Converters

One particular branch of Cash Converters has spectacularly failed to convert an item into a massive amount of cash, but it's OK. It was for a good cause. Read More >>

Concept Micro-Flat for London Helps Stack Humans in Small Cubes

Designers working on ways to carry on making money out of houses now that no normal person can afford have come up with an idea -- make them vastly smaller. Make the bed also a wardrobe. Make the bit on top of the kitchen cupboard the only shelf. No one needs headroom when they're asleep, so put the bed near the ceiling. That sort of aggressive landlord thinking. Read More >>

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Watch the Most Patient Person on Earth Reconstruct Shredded Money Using Tweezers

Do you love puzzles? Probably not as much as conceptual artist Martin John Callanan does. This mind-numbing, 11-minute timelapse shows him spending an entire work day painstakingly reassembling a five-pound mis-printed note that the Bank of England shredded to tiny bits. Read More >>

The Crown Jewels Were Hidden From the Nazis in the Most British Place Imaginable

The keepers of the royal things were a little worried about all the important crowns and stuff going missing or getting bombed during the second world war, hence the most important elements of the Crown Jewels were taken from their position in the Tower of London and hidden away. Read More >>

CES 2018: This Cellular-Connected Smart Credit Card Can Show You How Much Money You’ve Got Left to Spend

Unlike banks in the UK, where chip-and-pin and contactless payment technologies are the norm, big banks in the US have been very slow to adopt new credit and debit card technologies, with secure chip cards only being introduced in the past few years. Which is tragic, because Dynamics is introducing a new connected credit card with a cellular chip inside, and an E-Ink display, that’s no thicker than the cards already in your wallet. Read More >>

Apple Asked to Pay £136m More in UK Tax

What's been described as an "extensive audit" of Apple's tortuous business arrangements carried out by the HMRC has raised its UK tax bill, with the maker of those telephones everyone's always on about handed a tax demand for an additional £136m as a result of the investigation. Read More >>

The Plastic Bag Charge Could be Extended in England

The government has been pretty happy with the way people have stopped taking armfuls of plastic bags, now that we have to pay 5p for them all, and it might be extending that charge as a result. If Theresa May and Michael Gove get their way, the charge could soon apply to all retailers. Read More >>

Some London Starbucks Will be Charging an Extra 5p for Disposable Cups

Last week we heard news that a committee of MPs want the government to implement a 'latte levy', and charge consumers an extra 25p for using disposable coffee cups that are a pain to recycle. Now Starbucks has announced that it will be doing something similar in 20-25 of its London branches. Read More >>

Just Eat Gives Regulators the Finger, Turns Credit Card Charges Into Universal ‘Service Charge’

Last year it was announced that as of the 13th January this year (aka this Saturday), companies in the UK would not be allowed to charge customers for using credit cards. Some say it was the EU cracking down, other say it was our own government, but regardless of who should take credit it was designed to save people from "rip off" charges on products or services they were already paying for. Read More >>

Google Is Taking the Android Out of Android Pay

If you use Google’s products, there’s a good chance the company already has a copy of your credit card details stored somewhere—in your Chrome browser’s autofill settings, gathering dust in a Google Wallet, or inside Android Pay. But soon, “over the coming weeks,” Google says it will merge the various ways it gobbles up this information under a new umbrella called Google Pay. Read More >>

Visa Crackdown is Locking Up BitCoin Payment Cards

Thousands of cryptocurrency fans have found that their pre-paid payments cards, which let them spend their digital money like regular money, have been locked. Apparently it's all due to Visa shutting down the cards, in a crackdown against the card issuer. Read More >>

Bitcoin’s Recent Shenanigans is Causing Cybercriminals to Ditch it for Competing Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has always been the most high-profile cryptocurrency out there, but in recent months its recognition has exploded to the point where your granddad who doesn't have the internet and only reads the local paper will have heard of it. The problem is that the reasons why Bitcoin is so recognisable are also causing cyber criminals to adopt competing cryptocurrencies. Read More >>

New Limited Edition 50p Celebrates a Century of Women Being Allowed to Vote

2018 is a big year for anniversaries. This year is 100 years since the first world war ended, the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the European single market, 50 years since the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, and other major historical events. It's also the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which granted UK women over the right to vote. Read More >>

Uber is Offering NHS Workers Discounted Rides This Christmas

While much of the country might grind to a halt on Christmas Day, including the public transport system, there are plenty of essential services (like hospitals) that carry on as normal. If you don't have a car getting to work on Christmas Day suddenly becomes a pricey affair, because taxis love any excuse to hike the prices. Read More >>