Parents Start Gender Pay Gap Early By Paying Boys More For Doing Little Jobs

Little girls are being told their efforts are worth less than those of boys before they've even entered the workplace and been told what to wear by a man, as gender pay disparity appears to begin at home; where little boys are routinely paid more than little girls by parents for doing household chores and behaving themselves. Read More >>

Banking Newcomer Monzo Now Supports Apple Pay

Monzo launched three years ago, with banking restrictions enabling the app-based company to offer current accounts last April. So it's more than fair to say they're pretty new to the whole banking scene, and have done pretty well for themselves in that time. Monzo has been offering Android/Google Pay to its customers since last October, but today it's announced that iOS customers will be able to use Apple Pay as well. Read More >>

HQ Trivia is Upping its UK Grand Prize to £1,000 as of Today

In case you missed last night's game of HQ Trivia, the famed quiz app is making a big change starting today. No it's not a bunch of features you'll (probably) never use, instead it's upping each game's grand prize from £550 all the way up to £1,000. Read More >>

The Vinyl Revival is Just a Few Blokes Buying Everything

People who know what number constitutes a heavyweight vinyl are behind the modern day revival in buying music on 12-inch discs, with research suggesting that a small number of hardcore enthusiasts who buy everything that comes out – even the £23.99 reissue of Garbage's Version 2.0 – and are spending around £400 a year each on keeping vinyl in the headlines and the secondhand value of decent record players high. Read More >>

Legalising Cannabis is a Financial Win-Win Scenario Says Tax Pressure Group

The Taxpayers' Alliance, which is nothing to do with the government despite sounding boring enough to be so, has run the numbers on legalising cannabis. They say it'd work out very well. Read More >>

Would a £10k Millennial Early Pension Make You Happy?

The problem of all the old people having the nice houses with windows in the bathroom and gardens and spare cash in all the bedroom drawers could be solved, they say, by handing young people a lump-sum of £10,000 when they turn 25. This millennial financial boost would come from increasing taxes on the pensions of people who bought houses in in the 1970s and have therefore accidentally become super-rich through simply staying alive while watching ITV. Read More >>

The Rail Companies are Changing the Ticketing System, Supposedly to Make it Fairer and Easier

You'd think buying a train ticket would be easy. It is if you're at a kiosk with a living person inside, since they do all the hard work and you stand there for five minutes while they use whatever slow operating system their machines run on. But the number of times I've accidentally bought a single from the automated machines is absurd. But does that say something about how much attention I pay to things or the state of the machines themselves? Maybe it's me, but the rail companies think it might be the way the ticketing system is set up. Read More >>

Reddit Wants to Reintroduce Cryptocurrency Payments at Some Point, and Not Just Bitcoin

Back in March Reddit removed the option to pay for Reddit Gold with Bitcoin, citing changes to Coinbase's payment platform and users experiencing bugs as the reason. Now, though, Reddit's Chief Technology Officer Chris Slowe has suggested this move isn't permanent and more crypto options might arrive in the near future. Read More >>

Original Hartnell Doctor Who Script Sells For £6k

A quite astonishing piece of BBC, TV, Doctor Who and British cultural history has gone up for sale, with an original script for the first episode of the first series of Doctor Who appearing for auction. Read More >>

We’re Becoming a Nation of Brave Little Soldiers

People tracking the sickness habits of the workers of the country think we've been toughening up for some reason, as the number of staff who go in to work even though they're feeling a bit unwell is rocketing. We are no longer the sickie leaders of Europe. Read More >>

Royal Wedding Commemorative Fiver Costs £13

It looks like David Beckham is remarrying Posh Spice in this commemorative coin for the latest in the long line of royal weddings, with just £13 getting you a coin worth £5. What an amazingly suitable metaphor for the royal family. Read More >>

11 McDonald’s Workers Are on Strike Today

Burger chain McDonald's is being hit by strike action in the UK today, although it's unlikely any customers are likely to be too inconvenienced come feeding time as just 11 staff across the nation are joining in with the action. Read More >>

Don’t Worry Amazon Prime Isn’t Getting a Price Hike in the UK

Last night Amazon announced that the cost of subscribing to Prime in the US was going to go up, increasing from $99 a year to $119. The good news is that this change currently only affects the US, which Amazon has confirmed via email. That means the cost of subscribing to Prime in the UK will be staying exactly the same, or at least it will be for the time being. Read More >>

Insurance Ad Banned for Encouraging Children to Eat Money

One of those adverts people who need murdering find funny has been banned. Hooray. But it's only a small ban to make sure children don't copy what it inadvertently suggests doing. Read More >>

Mr Money Saving Expert Sues Facebook Over Bitcoin Scam Ads

Martin Lewis, a man equally trusted by your dad when it comes to car insurance and your mum on whether or not claims on the shampoo bottles are genuine, has launched a legal case against Facebook. He says fake ads using his trustworthy face are undermining his reputation as a man who fights for consumer financial wellbeing. Read More >>