How to Spot Genuine Discounts While Christmas Shopping

It’s shopping season, and you’re likely to be on the look-out for gifts for friends and family in the next few weeks. To limit the damage to your bank balance, you will, of course, want to do your business as cheaply as possible – but how can you spot the genuine discounts from the marketing tricks? And how do you know when a bargain really is a bargain? We’ve got some tips and some tools that can help. Read More >>

This Isn’t Just Any Contraflow on the M8

The government is said to be thinking about bringing a weird US roadside sponsorship system to the UK, in which stretches of motorway are sponsored by big businesses in return for some of their advertising money. Read More >>

Bookmakers Ban Themselves From Advertising During Live Sport

The TV advert breaks of future sporting events may slightly more bearable from now on, as a consortium of the UK's gambling firms and bookmakers have voluntarily agreed to stop advertising their betting products during live events. Read More >>

Scotrail Cancels Free Train Tickets for Kids

One of the benefits of taking children anywhere is about to be taken away by the Scrooges at Scotrail, which is about to end the free travel tickets for children deal it's been running for years. Read More >>

Royal Mint Wants £13 for Admittedly Quite Posh £5 Coin

The Royal Mint is about to make a small mint for itself this Christmas, as it's launched a new series of limited edition £5 coins to sell to collectors and people who enjoy having this sort of thing. Read More >>

The 26-30 ‘Millennial Railcard’ Will Now Go on Sale on 2nd January

Late last month the Railcard people announced that the long-awaited 26-30 railcard would be going on general sale before the end of the year. In other words no trials, and no frantically trying to refresh the website to get yourself one before they all run out. The good news is that we now know the exact date it'll arrive, but the bad news is that it won't be the until 2nd January. Read More >>

Contactless Donation Points Launch in London

Seeing as you're nervously twirling your debit card in your hand there waiting for the next chance to tap it on a thing, why not try one of the new wave of contactless charity donation spots that are now open for business in London? You need to actually be in London, though, as the range isn't more than a couple of inches. Read More >>

US Bank Says Keep the Money After Cash Machine Mistakenly Spits Out $100 Bills

There’s no such thing as easy money – unless you’re one of the lucky few who happened upon an incorrectly loaded cash machine on the side of an interstate near Houston, Texas on Sunday night. Read More >>

118 Rip-Off Merchants Bring Pricing Cap Down on Their Own Heads

Young people like us* have no need for directory enquiry services any more, since we can jack into the nearest available screen and search for anything our minds can desire, then usually have it delivered on a bike within the hour. But older folk, who may not even have a terrible Samsung smartphone from 2011 to call upon for help, still phone the UK's many 118 directory enquiry services when looking for a plumber or a number to contact the satellite dish man; and they've been quietly getting seriously ripped off. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s Tells Shoppers What to Buy for the Food Bank Drops

It's the curse of the modern age: you've done your shopping, bought what you can afford, planned as many as four dinners in advance and even paid for it all like you're supposed to using the self-scanning things, then they ask you to think about other people and spare an item or two for the local food banks on your way out. Dinner plans ruined. Careful rucksack loading undone. You walk by leaving nothing, feeling evil. Read More >>

The First Shortlist For The New £50 Note Is Out

As you might remember, the Bank of England asked for suggestions of who to put on the new polymer £50 note. Read More >>

black friday
Here are EE’s Last Minute Black Friday Deals, But They’re Still Not as Good as That Free Nintendo Switch Offer

While I may seem like a broken record for bringing up the fact EE gave away a free Nintendo Switch with certain phone contracts, as part of its early Christmas deals, you have to admit it was a very good deal. Such a good deal, in fact, that none of the network's other deals seemed nearly as good by comparison. But sadly there are only so many free games consoles in the world, and saving money is probably the next best thing. Read More >>

UK Amazon Staff Plan Black Friday Protests

Amazon factory humans allied with the GMB union are staging a series of protests on the retailer's biggest day of the year, with packaging staff set to stage a walkout on Black Friday, the holiest of all days in the internet shopping calendar. Read More >>

There is a House You Young People Can Afford

...and it is on the market for just £1. Even you lot with your expensive coffee habits and exhorbitant mobile phone contract loans ought to be able to save up enough to cover the 40p deposit on it. Read More >>

Google Adds Tool to Search Stock of Local Shops

Google has come up with a partnership that might stop people branding it evil for quite so much of the time, as it's to start incorporating hyperlocal shop stock information from NearSt within its ubiquitous search results. Read More >>