Contactless Payments Are Now More Popular Than Chip-and-PIN in the UK

Contactless card payments have been around for a long time, and in fact it's been 11 years since they first launched here in the UK. But, despite that longevity and increasing popularity, they haven't managed to surpass regular card payments until now. As it turns out during the 12 months following June 2017 contactless payments grew to surpass the old-fashioned (ish) chip-and-pin system. Read More >>

We Get to Pick Who’s On the New £50 Note

The Treasury has announced that the £50 note, beloved of forgers and ballers, will be going polymer like the others – and we get to pick who's on the new one. Read More >>

Facebook’s UK Tax Bill Just Rose to £15.7 Million

There's always a lot of outrage whenever it's revealed how much tax big companies are paying, generally because it looks as though they're paying an absolute pittance when compared to the rest of their income. Well for those who feel it's incredibly unfair they can seemingly get away with not paying very much, there's good news. Facebook's tax bill just rose to £15.7 million, which is triple what it had to pay the previous year. Read More >>

Did the Release of the iPhone Cause Millennials to Move Back in With Their Parents?

American cartoonist Scott Adams recently posted an interesting question to Twitter. Adams shared a graph showing that the percentage of people between the age of 18 and 34 who live with their parents skyrocketed after 2008. Adams tweeted, “The iPhone was launched in 2007. Is it a coincidence?” The implication, of course, is that people are spending all their money on technology instead of buying home or renting. But how reasonable is this theory? Read More >>

O2’s Newest Perk Gives You 40 Per Cent Off Cinema Tickets, if You Sign Up for Right Contract

Going to the cinema is an expensive trip these days, especially if you live in the South and don't have easy access to Vue's absurdly cheap ticket prices. There are plenty of perks out there that can reduce the cost for you, but they generally rely on having to go in pairs or make you jump through a bunch of hoops. Well O2 is offering a new perk called 'Popcorn Pass' for people on certain contracts, and it'll give you 40 per cent off tickets at participating cinemas. Read More >>

How to set up Apple Pay
Apple Pay Cash’s UK and European Launch Could be Imminent

It's been a while since Apple Pay first came to be, and as part of the ongoing evolution of Apple's financial services the company launched Apple Pay Cash at the end of last year - essentially turning itself into a PayPal competitor and letting users send and receive money from other people. Apple Pay Cash is currently only available in the US, but it looks like we could be very close to seeing it launch in the UK and other European countries as well. Read More >>

Restaurants Face Ban on Top Slicing Staff Tips

The prime minister has said something that isn't incomprehensible legal negotiation politics for once, stepping into the row about the common practice of restaurant chains keeping a proportion of staff tip money for themselves. A forthcoming law change will put an end to it, making it a crime to touch the few quid diners leave on the table for their service. Read More >>

Police Force Suggests Grassing up Neighbours Who Look Suspiciously Rich

A slightly odd campaign to grass up your friends and neighbours is being operated by Northamptonshire Police, with "Operation Bling" encouraging members of the public to be on the lookout for people being a bit too conspicuous with their consumption. The subtext being that some rough-looking bloke with a nice phone probably stole it or bought it with ill-gotten money. Read More >>

Mobile Networks May be Forced to Switch Customers to Cheap Tariffs When Contracts End

Communications regulator Ofcom has had the sort of once-a-generation amazing idea that really ought to have been had a decade ago – that of forcing mobile networks to revert their customers to a default tariff once their initial expensive, two-year, phone-paying-for window is over. Read More >>

Labour Suggests Ban on Betting Ads During Live TV Sports

The Labour party is planning a post-election crackdown on live TV gambling adverts, with the party saying that any near/distant future Labour government would introduce a ban on betting companies advertising their weird trade offerings during live sporting events. Read More >>

Cool Island Bullied by IMF to Abandon Digital Currency

In what could be seen as wise financial counselling or a threat, the International Monetary Fund is urging the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) to abandon its plan to launch a cryptocurrency as legal tender. Read More >>

1,300 Free Cash Machines Have Closed in the UK in the Last Six Months

Between January and July this year, the number of free cash machines dropped from 54,500 to 53,200. Around 250 ATMS a month have been closed from areas that are no longer seen as cost-effective to operate them in. Read More >>

Jenson Button Put 551 Miles on His McLaren P1

Former F1 driver Jenson Button has decided to wave goodbye to one of the most celebrated pieces within his car collection, with his costly and extremely bespoke McLaren P1 now listed for sale. Read More >>

Ofgen is Going to Force Energy Companies to Cap Your Annual Bill

Energy prices are outrageous, and even if you do try to cut down your usage and install more energy efficient appliance some energy companies will try and increase your bills every few months anyway. Or is that just me? Either way, it's good to hear that Ofgen has decided it's going to force a cap on annual energy bills, which it hopes will save people between £75 and £120 a year. Read More >>

Jeremy Corbyn Wants to Tax Tech Companies and Give Some of the Money to the BBC

There are a lot of things you could expect if Jeremy Corbyn ever becomes Prime Minister. Serious work into renationalising the rail services, poorer international relations with Israel, and both the Sun and Express having a meltdown at the news. The controversial Labour leader has also announced new plans that involve taxing tech companies, with the funds being diverted to the BBC and a money pool for new independent journalism. Read More >>