Londoners Bail Out to Cheaper Climes Younger Than Ever

Londoners are growing tired of the cost of renting what used to be a garage, a hallway or an insulation cavity sooner than ever, with the average age of those leaving the capital to buy a home anywhere else falling to new lows. Read More >>

Gambling Watchdog Bans Use of Credit Cards to Fund Accounts

The UK's Gambling Commission is about to do something it would like us to consider good, as from April 14 gamblers will no longer be able to fund online accounts and place bets offline using credit cards. Read More >>

HMV Continues Gradual Slide into New Apocalypse

Three more branches of HMV are to close this month, as negotiations with landlords to secure rent reductions have collapsed and the new owner has thrown in a few metaphorical towels, surrendered the leases, and will make some staff redundant. Read More >>

Yesterday Was ‘Send Back the Junk’ Day

Royal Mail staff are not yet enjoying themselves, as now their pre-Christmas hell is over with there's a new type of hell being unleashed on them this week; the annual returning of the crap. Read More >>

TSB Staff Sacked for Maxing Out Compensation Claims

The enormous breakage of the TSB IT system that saw all manner of hilarious account redirections and access issues break the bank's systems for days caused another side issue for staff, with news breaking today that five employees have been sacked for aggressively pursuing compensation covering their personal accounts. Read More >>

Councils Profit From Fines for Dog Walking, Cycling and Sleeping Rough

The UK's councils have cottoned on to a money making scheme enabled by the use of public spaces protection orders, using rules to ban things hyper-locally and enforce fines for everything from walking dogs in the wrong places to riding a bike incorrectly, and even issuing tickets for begging or sleeping rough. Read More >>

The Brexit 50p is Back On

The Brexit 50p is back on again, with the government ordering a new batch stamped with the current EU exit date of Probably January 31 2020 For Real This Time, seeing as our new state leaders seem about to make a deadline stick. Read More >>

British Toilet Association Approves Less Comfortable Seat Design

A new type of toilet could perhaps be the saviour of UK business, thanks to a design that includes a sloping seat to make it less comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. This could therefore stem the wasting of the billions of hours of work time that we blow playing phone games in the toilet, sending national productivity through the roof. Read More >>

Scrapyard Finds £20,000 in Dumped Safe

A couple of children's charities in the Ipswich area are going to have enough money to pay for an enormous and extremely luxurious staff Christmas party this year, after a cash haul of £20,000 discovered by scrapyard workers went unclaimed. Read More >>

Idiots Fall for “Rare 50p” Hype

Some poor old grandad buying what he was told to has spent £300 on a coin that's worth £10 at best, and that latter price is for one bought direct from the Mint in a nice cardboard case, untouched by human hands. Read More >>

Prime Minister Suggests Possibly Axing the BBC’s Licence Fee

That man who's living the dream of being the UK's prime minister at the moment has suggested that a future government may end the licence fee model used to pay for the BBC, with Boris Johnson pondering on if it "makes sense" for the BBC to continue to enjoy its unique funding arrangement. Read More >>

Six Top Tech Companies Weaselled Their Way Out of £76 Billion in Taxes, Study Finds

Tech companies don’t pay their taxes. Together, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Apple, and Microsoft may have skipped out on over $100 billion (£76 billion) in taxes they should have paid since 2010, according to a new report from British tax accreditation organisation Fair Tax Mark. That’s enough to pay 2.6 million British households the country's median annual household income, 326,180 UK homes, 792 million years of Netflix... fill in as applies to you. Read More >>

Dear Clintons, Congratulations on Scraping into 2020

The managers of Clintons [née Cards] are lighting a few Yankee Candles and inflating a 25-pack of Stars Assorted Colours Latex Balloons in the office today, in celebration of a complicated bit of financial manoeuvring that's let the business avoid bankruptcy and having to send out 2,500 "Sorry You're Leaving" cards to all of its UK employees. Read More >>

How to Spot Genuine Discounts While Christmas Shopping

It’s shopping season, and you’re likely to be on the look-out for gifts for friends and family in the next few weeks. To limit the damage to your bank balance, you will, of course, want to do your business as cheaply as possible – but how can you spot the genuine discounts from the marketing tricks? And how do you know when a bargain really is a bargain? We’ve got some tips and some tools that can help. Read More >>

Court Says Royal Mail Staff’s Christmas Strikes Can’t Go Ahead

Some complicated legal action has been underway in the case of the Royal Mail Group versus its workers' union, and the latest ruling from the wigs of justice says that strikes may not go ahead as the ballot of members was not carried out in the technically correct manner. Read More >>