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Bitcoin is Making it Harder for us to Stalk Aliens

With Bitcoin's price skyrocketing before Christmas, and other cryptocurrencies following suit, it seems like everyone and their mum is trying to get in on the market and get rich. That means a lot of people are buying up hardware to mine new coins for themselves, and apparently it's stopping us from being able to listen out for alien messages asking if we want to head to Alpha Centauri for pizza. Read More >>

Tea Bag Kingpin Threatens Facebook and Google With Billion-Pound Boycott

Unilever, manufacturer of three-quarters of the things in your cupboards, fridge and large intestine, is joining the battle for online trust, and has warned the tech giants that it could pull its internet advertising unless drastic steps are taken to protect kids from fakers and weirdos. Read More >>

Repairing an Apple HomePod Will Cost Nearly £70 More Than Buying a Brand New Sonos ONE

Apple's HomePod smart speaker is now available, with a hefty price tag of £319. That's a lot of money to spend, but it's not a huge surprise given Apple's history of slapping a premium price onto damn near all of its products. While anyone paying that much for a speaker is bound to look after it, you might want to use a bit more care with your HomePod now that Apple has released pricing information for repairs. Read More >>

Toys R Us UK Adds Itself to Fire Sale Listings

The entire UK division of Toys R Us is up for sale, as the US owner tries to escape some of its debt crisis by flogging off assets. Read More >>

Women Charged an Extra 50p Romance Tax to Celebrate Compulsory Love Day

That miserable day in February when you have to pretend you're doing more than barely tolerating your partner for living cost reasons is more of a rip off for women than men, with shoppers horrified to find Valentine cards aimed at women being sold at a higher price than those that men are societally obliged to buy. Read More >>

Your Council Tax is Probably Going to Go Up

Council tax is one of those things people tend to forget about, since it's not pulled from our payslips automatically. It's important to keep the local area maintained, so we can't complain too much. We can, however, complain about the fact that council tax is probably going to go up, or at least that's what new research claims. Read More >>

Is a Potentially Fraudulent Crypto Company Behind the Bitcoin Rebound?

After a precipitous crash, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been heartened to see a steady climb in the value of frontrunner coins since Tuesday night. What’s driving the rebound in an increasingly harsh regulatory climate might be a so-called “stablecoin” widely suspected to be fraudulent. Read More >>

Footballers Might Hand Themselves a Little Winter Holiday

The Premier League has floated the idea of some sort of winter break finally being introduced into its football season, with the next batch of wrangling about TV money open to the concept of giving those stressed millionaires two or three weeks off to play with their presents after Christmas. Put the drone in the suitcase, Coleen, we're off to Antigua for January. Read More >>

London Plans to Ring Fence Newbuilds to Keep Them Locally Owned

London's mayor has come up with an idea to please anyone able to magic up the laughably huge amounts of money needed to buy an "affordable" house in the city -- giving locals an exclusive buying window during which overseas investors are frozen out. Read More >>

MoD Pays Millions for Scaring Chickens to Death

The Ministry of Defence has been inadvertently contributing money to the UK's farming industry, with figures showing it has paid out nearly £2m in compensation to farmers in possession of petrified animals. Read More >>

Lloyds Bank Tries to Save Customers From Loading up on Credit Card Bitcoin

The operator of the Lloyds Banking Group has placed a restriction on its customers who plan on using a credit card to buy magical future currency bitcoin, possibly saving your dad from making a huge mistake. Read More >>

MPs Vote to Leave Parliament for Refurb Works

After years of wrangling over what to do about fixing up the Palace of Westminster and all of its damp patches, wonky staircases and assorted legacy fire hazards, a decision has been made. The government will move out so the place can be renovated in a slightly easier fashion. Read More >>

Metal Detectorists Discover Fake Metal Detectorists’ Haul of Fake Metal

Some terribly sad news involving a pair of genuine metal detection enthusiasts has been revealed, after the pair stumbled across the holy grail of the hobbyist world — a stash of gold coins in a field they thought could be worth up to £250,000. Sadly all was not as it seemed. Read More >>

Tesco Wants its Staff to Start Eating Leftover Food

Tesco's had an idea about what to do with the spare food that it can't even give away to food charities — get its workers to eat it all. Read More >>

Fire Sales Start at Doomed Toys R Us Branches

The great cull of Toys R Us branches is about to get under way, with the financially besieged retailer starting the clearing out process at the 25 locations it's about to board up for good. Read More >>