You Can Make the New £20 Note Animate with Snapchat

There's a new £20 note out in circulation today, and if you're one of the people who still has Snapchat installed on your phone, you can bring it to life in augmented reality (AR). Read More >>

Patreon is Putting Up Money for Projects Now, But it Expects a Return

Patreon, the beloved subscription platform whose independent media creators would really like it to stay the course, is following what seems to be the inevitable trajectory of online payment processors and giving out small loans – in this case, cash advances for upcoming projects. This may be getting into hairy don’t-mix-friends-with-business territory for a company which is built on goodwill (namely, a relatively liberal 90 per cent payout of all revenues to creators). But, as Patreon business owners know, everybody needs to get paid, and Patreon is a business. Read More >>

Royal Mint Celebrates Dinosaurs on New Collectible 50ps

The Royal Mint is putting a massive lizard on its latest collectable 50p, and then on the other side it's stamping on the likeness of several of the nation's key historical dinosaur discoveries, in a coin series it's calling Dinosauria. Read More >>

Government Considers Northern Slowerhouse HS2 Redesign for Top Bits

The government's transport secretary has hinted that the decision to rubber-stamp the build of HS2 could come at a cost for the more northern sections of the line, which may end up being built to a lower spec that would reduce overall speeds. Read More >>

Eight-Year-Olds Can Still Rinse Mum’s Credit Card for £1.5k of In-Game Junk

A sad-faced mum whose kid blew £1,450 on an in-app transaction bender is trying her best to get Apple and the credit card companies to write off the debt, but it's not looking great thanks to the exemplary hacking skills of the eight-year-old in question. Read More >>

Green Energy Funding Could be Sliced off the Bills of Poorer Families

An enormous sum of £5.5bn is added to our energy bills each year as a green tax, money that's sliced off and used to fund the development of clean energy sources such as renewables. This isn't fair, it's starting to dawn on everyone, as a landed millionaire who leaves the heating on in his mansion to stop it getting damp while he's off banging teenagers in his city flat pays the same additional levy as one of us lot, wrapped in a duvet next to an oil radiator we've generously set to warmth setting two out of a possible five. Read More >>

UK Bankers Would Like a Lie-In in the Mornings

People who make their money from other people losing theirs would like to be allowed to do so during more sociable hours, with those who ply trades on the UK's stock exchanges petitioning for a later start to their working days. Read More >>

Aston Martin Sells Part of Itself and Pivots to F1

Aston Martin is no longer cash-strapped and in peril, as car enthusiast billionaire Lawrence Stroll has smashed into the office and handed over £182m in return for him and his car-loving businessmates taking a 16.7 per cent ownership stake in the company. It's Dragon's Den for real. Read More >>

Ovo Energy Hit With £8.9m Fine for Over Charging

Energy supplier Ovo has been fined a huge £8.9m for misleading its customers, as part of a right old billing mess that saw around 500,000 people sent incorrect statements and led to both the undercharging and overcharging of thousands of subscribers. Read More >>

Brexit 50p Very Nearly Definitely About to Happen

This is the third-last story we'll ever do about the interminable process of manufacturing and releasing the commemorative Brexit 50p coin, as the chancellor has revealed the final form of the on/off coin with its new EU exit date of January 31 stamped on. Read More >>

The Children Suffer as Toy Sales Fell in 2019

Sales of flimsy red and yellow plastic junk categorised as "toys" fell over 2019, with the overall value of the child entertainment sector dropping by six per cent year-on-year to a value of £3.2bn. Read More >>

HMRC Offers £100,000 Crypto-Tracing Bounty/Contract

Our boring old tax inspectors are looking to do a better job of tracking transactions made in modern crypto currencies, with a new job posting offering a £100,000 contract to anyone who can fulfill the role of crypto-asset blockchain analysis provider. Read More >>

Hull Asks to Pioneer Universal Basic Income Scheme

The residents of Hull could soon be the first people in the UK to trial a form of universal basic income; the hot new trend in benefits that gives money to everyone regardless of age, wealth or employment status. Off to Greggs on payday it is, then. Read More >>

Londoners Bail Out to Cheaper Climes Younger Than Ever

Londoners are growing tired of the cost of renting what used to be a garage, a hallway or an insulation cavity sooner than ever, with the average age of those leaving the capital to buy a home anywhere else falling to new lows. Read More >>

Gambling Watchdog Bans Use of Credit Cards to Fund Accounts

The UK's Gambling Commission is about to do something it would like us to consider good, as from April 14 gamblers will no longer be able to fund online accounts and place bets offline using credit cards. Read More >>