Moneyball-ing Eurovision: Could Big Data Help the UK Win the Song Contest?

Tonight Britain answers perhaps the most important question about Europe that it will face this year: Who should represent us in the Eurovision Song Contest? Read More >>

Bath Rugby Inks Deal with “Moneyball” Company to Tackle Injuries

The Moneyball revolution completely transformed the sport of baseball, turning it from a game built on intuition and heuristics into a data-driven sport for spreadsheet gurus. The idea was simple: by analysing player data coaches and managers could spot players who are undervalued. These players might be as good as the superstars, but without the celebrity status, small teams could snap them up for cheap and make huge progress. Read More >>

Who Should Play Steve Jobs In the Now Inevitable Steve Jobs Biopic?

I very much doubt Steve Jobs would have approved of a movie about his life, beyond what's been produced already, but in this case it doesn't really matter anymore, does it? Read More >>