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How to Use Your Monitor in Portrait Mode

Most monitors are built to function only in landscape mode — they'll have a solid stand at the base which fixes it in place. Even if you have a traditional landscape monitor, you're still able to create a portrait screen with the help of tools like a monitor stand. Read More >>

Mother Review: A Doll That Tracks Your Family’s Every Move

Mothers are responsible for the welfare of their children. This is something we assume is true and something that guides the behaviour of women with kids. They are watchful. They are worried. They set boundaries: Go to bed at such-and-such hour. Eat a balanced breakfast. Follow these rules. Read More >>

Fitbit Charge Tracker Now on Sale, Charge HR and Surge Arrive in 2015

The worst-kept gadget secret in recent history is no longer secret at all. The new Fitbit Charge, Charge HR, and Surge fitness trackers are official. Here's everything you need to know. Read More >>

HP U160 Portable USB Monitor
Need Another Screen on Your Laptop? HP’s Got You Covered

Laptops are great, but when you need to get real work done, nothing beats a dual-monitor setup. HP hears you, and has a new U160 USB-powered 15.6-inch portable that you can sling in your bag. Road-warriors and tradeshow-bound bloggers, time to pop the champagne. Read More >>

Sony and Panasonic Join Forces to Make You a Cheap OLED TV

As rumoured, Sony and Panasonic have just signed a deal to form a partnership which will see them jointly developing large, low-cost, high-resolution OLED panels for TVs. Read More >>

The Retina MacBook Pro Can Drive Four Screens Simultaneously

The new Retina MacBook Pro is an incredible piece of hardware. On its spec sheets, Apple claims it can support "up to two external displays", but it turns out that's bull. In fact, it can support three external monitors. Read More >>

Dirt 3 Is Your Bank-Holiday-Driver-and-Caravan-Avoidance-Strategy Deal of the Day

It's a bank holiday and appropriately, the roads have been filled with bewildered day-trippers, tootling about the place as they've aimed to make the most of the bonus workless day. Read More >>

Apple Wants to Turn Your Clothing Into a Total Body Monitor

Apple’s just been awarded a swath of patents in the US for so called “smart garments”. It seems to want to turn the clothes on your back into sensors to keep an eye on you.  There’s also a patent in there for telling you when your clothes have worn out, just not when you stink and they need a wash, unfortunately. Read More >>