I Bought This Custom 18-Million Pixel Workstation on Craigslist, and It Very Nearly Ruined Me

I have determined the precise upper boundary of how many monitors it is okay to have hooked up to the same computer. I do not know, exactly, how many monitors is the ideal number. But I do know it is no more than eight. Read More >>

Turns Out, Your Fancy Monitor Might Have a 4K Display Inside

Unsatisfied with the sharpness in your new QHD monitor? Thanks to the power of economics, that display of yours might actually have a downscaled 4K panel, one that isn’t doing your image quality or refresh rate any favours. The worst part? You can’t even upscale them. Read More >>

PC Gaming Is So Hot, HP Is Launching a Second Line of Cheap Machines

PC gaming is booming. PUBG is hot, Fortnite is on meme status and sports moguls like Bob Kraft and Jeff Wilpon are buying up esports teams left and right. So in an attempt to get something out of the trend, HP the world’s biggest computer maker, is looking embrace the trend and keep step with Dell by launching is own line of low-cost gaming systems. Read More >>

Some Beautiful Nerd Built a Motorised, Rotating Monitor Stand to Save His Neck

Ultra-wide monitors are great for watching movies, viewing photos, or playing video games, but terrible for reading web pages and long documents. That’s why many of them can be rotated—but why waste all that energy turning a screen when you can build an impossibly nerdy, over-engineered monitor stand to do it for you? Read More >>

You’ll Need an Extra Pair of Eyes for LG’s Massive New Monitors

You can splash out for a Pascal-powered Nvidia GTX 1080 all you want, but if you haven't got a decent monitor to go with it, all that pixel-pushing power is going to waste. LG's rolling start to its IFA 2016 showcase kicks off with a duo of new monitors, each ticking what are likely to be expensive boxes for demanding gamers. Read More >>

Philips 43-inch 4K UHD Monitor is More Screen Than Your Computer Will Ever Need

The bigger the display, the more likely you'll see the benefits afforded by a 4K resolution's extra pixel count. But it's a rule that's usually attributed to TV sets, sat halfway across the living room, than right up close to a computer monitor. How anyone will be able to use Philips' new 43-inch 4K UHD monitor without their brain exploding is beyond me. Read More >>

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Go and Sell Your Kidneys, Dell Has a 4K 30-Inch OLED Display

2016 might be the year of VR headsets and all, but some people still enjoy looking at regular screens. And the 30-inch, pro-level 4K OLED display Dell just announced looks like one hell of an upgrade. Read More >>

HP’s New Envy Curved All-in-One PC is Pixel-Packed, Pretty and Pricey

With its super-affordable Stream laptops pretty much sewing up the student-budget-netbook end of the market, HP's premium Envy Curved All-in-One must be looking to balance the books, coming in with a whopping price tag to match its extravagant stylings. Read More >>

The Best Gaming Monitor? One Week Living With the Acer XB280HK 4K G-Sync Monitor

If you're looking for the best gaming monitor, a 4K display is now a must-have. While 4K TV struggles ("Bask in the glory of House of Cards and Daredevil in Netflix 4K and...and...?", the world all too painfully aware that even two years after the screen technology came to prominence, there's still naff-all TV or movie content taking advantage of it), it's another story entirely on PC. Console players may wet themselves over anything that can manage to hit 1080p resolutions at 60fps, but PC players are boldly going where few have before, pushing rigs to the limits of their 4K potential. If you're looking for the very best gaming monitor, you're going to want to have that 4K spec-sheet box ticked. Read More >>

LG 34UC97 Curved LED Monitor Review: More Screen Than Your Desk Can Handle

1080p is so yesterday. More and more, 1440p and higher-resolution monitors are starting to become the norm, especially at larger screen sizes. There’s no doubt that 4K is the future, but it requires a fair bit of graphical power for smooth frame rates. Read More >>

One Week Living With LG’s Curved Ultrawide 21:9 Monitor

An IMAX screen...for your desk? That's the promise of the latest wave of massive, curved, ultrawide ever-so-slightly-obnoxious-but-we-love-you monitors that PC peripheral makers are pushing. I've been playing with LG's 34UC97 for the last week-and-a-bit (damn you MWC, pulling me away from this beautiful, staggeringly expensive thing), and thought I'd share some of the points I've noticed that those considering shelling out for a similar monitor may want to be aware of. Read More >>

A New Video Standard Will Allow 8K Laptop Screens

If you think your 4K laptop drips with graphical power, remember that all things are relative – and a new video standard will allow laptops to make use of 8K screens. Read More >>

Samsung’s Curved SE790C Ultra-Widescreen Monitor Looks Ripped Straight out of Star Trek

So, we can't all have a space-faring set-up fit for the Millenium Falcon in our spare rooms, but that's not to say our computers can't have a taste of Star Trek chic to them. Samsung's new SE790C curved ultra-widescreen monitor just needs a touch of lens flare and it'd look fit for the bridge of J.J. Abrams' USS Enterprise. Read More >>

The Surprising Reason Computer Screens Aren’t Green-on-Black Anymore

In the early days of personal computing (think MS Dos early) text was often white or green on a black screen. That didn't last long, of course, but there's a little-known reason that those shadowy screens weren't ideal for users. And it has to do with your poor eyesight. Read More >>

Dell’s 27-Inch 5K Monitor is Like Filet Mignon for Your Eyeballs

For those who like to really spoil their eyes, Dell's new 27-inch monitor services them a whopping resolution of 5120×2880. That works out to 14.7 million pixels in total, and 218 PPI. That's just a hair shy of the 15-inch MacBook Pro's 220 PPI, on a display that's nearly twice the diagonal length. Wowza. Read More >>