The Y: The Last Man TV Show Will Use CGI for Ampersand the Monkey

I have two vivid memories of my time reading Y: The Last Man, the epochal comics series by Brian K Vaughn and artist Pia Guerra. The first is the basic premise. The second is that monkey, Ampersand. Read More >>

US Court of Appeals Rules Monkeys Can’t Sue for Copyright, Because This is an Argument That Still Needs to be Had

It's been about seven years since Ella, an Indonesian macaque monkey, snapped a picture of herself with a camera belonging to David Slater. And since then Slater has had to spend a very large chunk of his time in court, because PETA decided it would be a great idea to sue and fight on behalf of the monkey so it will own the copyright. Because PETA clearly don't have better things to do in their crusade for 'animal rights'. But PETA suffered another blow because the US Court of Appeals has affirmed a 2016 ruling that said monkeys aren't allowed to sue for copyright. Read More >>

Scientists Demonstrate Ability to Decode Images of Human Faces by Scanning Monkeys’ Brains

A group of researchers published a study this week in which they showed off an ability to reconstruct a photo of a human face just from recording the brain waves of a monkey that was viewing the photo. It represents a huge leap in our understanding of how the brain recognises faces and a potential window into recording what the brain is seeing. Read More >>

Judge: Selfie Monkey is an Issue for Obama to Deal With

Lawyers somehow acting on behalf of Selfie Monkey (and arguing with the photographer claiming the technological assist, at least) have lost their latest battle, with a judge ruling that the poor monkey can't own the copyright of the famous photo it took of itself. Read More >>

Beards are Badges to Impress Ladies Say Scientists Investigating Hipster Face Trend

That man you've been friends with on Facebook for eight years who's suddenly, out of the blue, uploaded a new profile photo in which he has a beard? It's a monkey thing, apparently, used to impress potential partners by outwardly displaying evidence of extreme manliness. Read More >>

Wikimedia Won’t Take Down This Photo Because a Monkey Owns the Copyright

Time and time again, British nature photographer David Slater has asked the editors of Wikipedia to stop using his photos without permission. Unfortunately for Slater, at least in the eyes of the Wikimedia Foundation, they're not quite his photos— because the monkey pressed the shutter. Read More >>

Monkey Controls Sedated Primate Pal Using its Mind in Avatar-Like Experiment

Scientists have been able to make one monkey control the body of another sedated primate test subject, in an experiment that may offer hope to those suffering from paralysis. Read More >>