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After 100 Years, What’s Next for the Tank?

One-hundred years ago, the Battle of the Somme was killing soldiers on both sides by the tens of thousands. Midway through the four-month conflict that would kill or wound more than a million people combined on all sides – on September 15th, 1916 – British Commander-in-Chief, Sir Douglas Haig, rolled out what he hoped would be a decisive secret weapon: the world’s first ever battle tank. It was called (somewhat unimaginatively) the Mark 1. Read More >>

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Why Smaller Aeroplanes are So Much Better Than Bigger Aeroplanes

The Airbus A380 is an amazingly ginormous airplane that can fit over 600 people inside. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner tops out at around 300. But bigger isn’t better. Read More >>

SpaceX Just Passed a Major Milestone on its Mission to Mars

SpaceX has been talking up its Martian travel plans for a while now, but we still don’t know how it intends to get (or survive) there. As of today, however, it’s cleared a major hurdle: the rocket engine it will use to get to the Red Planet just fired-up for the first time. Read More >>

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Watching a Rocket Plug Get Blown to Smithereens is Exceptionally Satisfying

NASA fits foam plugs inside of booster rockets to protect the innards ahead of ignition. And they really do put on a show when they’re blown out with 9.2 million pounds of thrust. Read More >>

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Watch the F-16’s Autopilot Mode Save an Unconscious Pilot’s Life

The US Air Force has declassified a harrowing video showing the heads-up display of student pilot who passed out during a tight manoeuvre. Mercifully, his F-16 was equipped with a ground collision avoidance system, saving him from certain death. Read More >>

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Blue Origin’s New Reusable Rocket is Absurdly Huge 

Blue Origin is adding a new reusable rocket to its stable. And it’s a big one. Meet the New Glenn, a 7-metre-diameter rocket booster with 3.85 million pounds of thrust. Read More >>

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This Robotic Tractor Looks Absolutely Mental

Agricultural equipment manufacturer called Case IH, has unveiled a seriously intimidating-looking monster machine at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa. Called the Autonomous Concept Vehicle, the robotic tractor can be programmed using a tablet computer, presumably to destroy enemy farms. Read More >>

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MTV Helicopter Breaks Record For Largest Aerial Projection

To help promote its Video Music Awards that aired over the weekend, MTV employed a novel approach to aerial advertising. Instead of having a plane pulling a large banner, it used a pair of helicopters to create a flying cinema screen that the Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed as the world’s largest aerial projection. Read More >>

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World’s Largest Aircraft Takes Off for the First Time, Still Looks Like an Arse

The Airlander 10 took off for the first time yesterday. While it's famous for being the world’s largest aircraft, it is now better known as Earth's largest and definitely arse-shaped dirigible. Read More >>

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Learn All About the History of Rockets in Just Four Minutes

Diehard fans of space exploration, rejoice! That pseudonymous foul-mouthed mastermind, exurb1a, who gave us the universe in just four minutes, is back with an irreverent video tackling the colourful history of rocket science. Read More >>

Barge-Size Noah’s Ark is a Creationist’s Wet Dream

Built by Christians who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old, a 155-metre-long, $100 million “replica” of Noah’s Ark is set to open in a new Kentucky theme park later this week. Critics say the attraction is nothing more than a big church that’ll be used to perpetuate creationist nonsense. Read More >>

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China Finished Building its Alien-Hunting Telescope

China has finished building the world’s largest radio telescope and the monster machine is now better-equipped at searching for aliens. Read More >>

10 of the Biggest, Baddest and Barmiest British Military Vehicles

It's Transport Week here on Giz UK, and while much of our coverage so far has focused on distinctly civilian means of propulsion, it's now time to appreciate the bonkers world of British military vehicles. Read More >>

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Crank Your Speakers, Because This Rocket Test Is the Best Thing You’ll Hear All Day

Watching a rocket blast into outer space is a remarkable experience. But watching a rocket engine strapped into a test facility release its explosive fury here on Earth is somehow even cooler. It gives you a better idea of an engine's power, and it’s a better opportunity to hear its deafening roar. Read More >>