It’s Tourist Season so Scientists are Dredging Loch Ness Again

Scientists who fancy a romantic busman's holiday to the Scottish highlands have come up with a new reason to examine the contents of Loch Ness, with this latest team hoping to analyse the water to hunt for the DNA signatures of mysterious contents. Read More >>

Universal Adds Phantom of the Opera and Hunchback of Notre Dame to Its Monsterverse, Which Is Very Dumb

Universal is desperate to create a franchise out of the classic “monsters” that ruled the studio from the 1920s to 1960. It’s calling this thing “Dark Universe” and it’s all kicking off with that ridiculous Tom Cruise-starring Mummy. And now we get word about more monster movies being planned and they make no sense. Read More >>

Siberian Miners Find Demon Baby Dinosaur Thing

Diamond miners in the remote Siberian town of Udachny received quite a shock this week when, instead of pulling shiny rocks from the sand, they unearthed a bizarre mummified creature that looks more than a little like the escaped spawn of that three-jawed dog monster in The Thing. Is anything ever normal in Siberia? Read More >>

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What Kind of Scary Creatures are Hiding Deep in the Ocean?

The deep sea is home to creatures that are sort of normal but then have some sick twist that makes them monstrous. A squid can’t be just a squid, it has to be a giant squid the size of a school bus. A shark can’t just be a shark, it has to be a goblin shark with a jaw that protrudes out of their face. A giant isopod looks like the world’s largest cockroach and zombie worms are freaking called zombie worms. Life is scary down there, man. Read More >>

This Video Showcases the Man Behind All Your Favourite Movie Monsters

Meet Tom Woodruff. You’ve seen him in movies, but probably didn’t even realise he was even in them. That's because he specialises in playing creatures. Read More >>

What Actually is… the Sussex Bigfoot?

The agricultural hotbed of the South Downs is at the centre of a media storm at the moment, with local journalists pretending that a blurry black lump spotted in the woods might be some sort of... of... monster. Read More >>

Happy Birthday, Godzilla — 60 Years of Never Being Remotely Scary

The monster from the depths first appeared on cinema screens back in 1954, meaning it's about to celebrate 60 years of being an allegory for environmental catastrophe via the medium of a man in a pantomime monster suit. Read More >>

The Natural History Museum Wanted Nessie Killed and Sent to London

A shock plan back in the 1930s saw the Natural History Museum issue an order to have Nessie killed and brought back to England, with one museum official asking bounty hunters to forget their moral values and shoot the monster on sight so its corpse could be displayed for the merriment of the London elite. Read More >>

The US Air Force Thinks it Could Take on Godzilla

What would we do if a kaiju like Godzilla actually showed up on our shores? According to (some members of) the US Air Force, they'd kick its ass. Because of course they would. Read More >>

Video of the Giant Squid Attacking a Submarine

Our friend Jonnypartys at The Scuttlefish found this video of the Architeuthis, the living kraken filmed by Tsunemi Kubodera and his team after 400 hours in a research sub. It's only a few seconds, but you can see the beast both peacefully floating and attacking the submarine. Read More >>

Live Giant Squid Filmed in the Pacific for the First Time

This amazing sea creature is an Architeuthis. Or a Kraken, as the ancient vikings used to call it. We knew the kraken wasn't a mythical creature. Giant squids like this have been captured in the past, usually near the sea's surface, but this is the first time one has been filmed alive in the wild, majestically swimming at 630m underwater. Read More >>

Scientists Doom Us All by Engineering Gigantic Super Soldier Ants

It's the same old story. Scientists decide to see if they can make modify a species. Next thing you know, we're being chased down the street by giant super-intelligent super soldier ants. Read More >>